Snow Day on March 23rd – Gimme a break

We don’t get snow days.  Really, we don’t.  I was as shocked as everyone else when the crawler read that we had no school today.  WHY???  “Well, since we cant get to the school, maybe we can go to the mall,” I thought.  But nope, we stayed home because well, simply because that is where my bed is and I took 2 naps today, but don’t tell Bill.  He was at work this morning by 7:30 because like I said, we don’t get snow days. 

We have declared winter to be over around here.  We have moved on.  The sleds are up in the attic, and Crazy Man has his bike down.  How often do kids from Florida get to ride bike through snow drifts?  Yep, this is a great place to live!

Spring is off to a great start!


The girls chillin’ on the patio bench.  All that is missing is sunscreen.


Nuts to  you, winter!!  We are done with you!


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