The State of Pieper Nation

I have been kinda quiet here lately.  Why?  Not as much funny stuff going on, I guess.  Sometimes we go through periods of life when we wade through the tough stuff, and right now we are wading a little more.  Swampin’ it.  Throwin’ on the hip waders.  (Really, if I were to put on hip waders, maybe you would see my head poking out of the armpit holes.) Source

I just have to mention our weather.  Lots of precipitation now = more water in our rivers soon.  Not the best of scenarios.  Could make for another interesting spring season for our area.


On a funny note, Curley decided that she is going to put herself up for adoption and move to Canada.  Canada, aye?  I wonder why she is choosing to head north?  This time of year, I would head south.  I am sick of cold and snow.  And, I hope her adoptive family has stock in Hershey’s.   


And, she got her braces off.  Yep, already.  Before and after (note, the dentist had to pull a tooth out to get the braces out, but it was a baby tooth and she was thrilled at the opportunity for tooth fairy income.)

20101115_145214_6010     20110321_191959_5824


This is what happens when Crazy Man gets his hands on our camera:




On a good note, I have been on the elliptical 10 mornings in a row.  My eating hasn’t been great because, well, because I love junk food.  That is the honest truth of it all.  And I haven’t been in the mood to cook, but I do have an idea for something to help with that and when I have time to breathe, I will get right on that.  It will involve planning and thinking and I am not in the mood for either of those things right now, nor do I have time.

So, because life is full of crap sometimes and parenting is hard sometimes, not because my kids are being nasty but because they are growing up and wrestling with big life issues that I can’t fix, I am really tired.  We learn and we grow as we experience this stuff.  And we don’t have to do it alone, in fact, we cant.  Right now, my eldest son and I are learning how he can’t take on the world and be superman and make everything ok for everyone, because that isn’t his job.  See, hard stuff.   Big stuff that shapes him for life. Tiring this mom out, tired to the core.


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