I blame it on the Amish

A blog for the Amish (who I am sure will read this and realize their mistake.)  But first, Lucy wanted to say “Hey!”


Remember way back in late October when we ordered Amish furniture?   We were told it would be ready around Christmas, so when we hadn’t heard from the Amish yet, I guess we just assumed they celebrate Christmas around Easter time…easy mistake to make.  I don’t know a lot about the Amish beliefs, Christmas = Easter = St. Patrick’s Day??  Could happen.

We headed to the farm this weekend.  When we arrived and loaded our stuff into the guest suite (Bill’s old room), we noticed that Gram’s new headboard was there, standing proud and tall (seriously, I need a stool to get into this thing.)  Ummmm, what?  I was there when she put in the order, and it was approximately 5 minutes AFTER I put in MY order.  Well, I thought maybe she was one of the Amish furniture man’s favorite customers (let’s face it, she is) and she must have JUST gotten it. 

NOPE, she got hers a while ago.  Bill’s other family members each got theirs as well.  I see a problem. 


I knew for sure I had missed the e-mail they sent me telling me it was ready.  Or that it was filtered to my junk folder.  Nope.  I checked.

Maybe they lost their cell phones?  I hate when that happens.  Perhaps their computer crashed and they lost our contact info.  Dangity.

I guess maybe they forgot about me. 



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