My Hawaiian Cruise

Spring is coming, right??  That darn groundhog saw his shadow?  Didn’t see his shadow?  I don’t remember anymore, I am too cold to remember.  This stuff will melt someday, I think that is how it is supposed to go…in the meantime, we try to enjoy it.


These are two bright and shiny pictures of my two board boys.  This was a first for both of them.  One lasted all day and made it onto the black diamonds (which in the big picture means nothing because the black diamonds at this place equal bunny hills elsewhere, but we wont tell him that) and one of them never made it off the green hills.  Can you take a guess which is which? 


Just a cute picture of the fam minus the one willing to ski with a camera wrapped around her neck.


My two snow bunnies – well, I was going to call them that until I looked it up on Urban Dictionary, and the thought of my two sweet innocent little precious pure girls being referred to in that way is disgusting.  People are disgusting, I guess – who comes up with that crap???  Nobody from North Dakota – that is for sure.   We are all pure in thought.  Pure as the fresh snow.  Before the dog goes outside. 


So I pretty much laughed when I saw this one.  I have been taken over.  Where is the mom?  This looks like a dad and his 5 kids.  Yep, I am the one in the middle wearing blue, yeah, the one who is shorter than her oldest son now.  Yeah, that’s me.  Shorty pants, No legs, whatever you want to call me.  I sill am the boss around here.


Well, this should give you a slight hint at who didn’t make it on the snowboard all day…yep, the big guy.  He is a hurting unit today.  He face planted, he fell on his butt, he chest bumped the mountain (I use that word very facetiously), pretty much decided that getting up off the ground 1,000 times was as much as he could take in one morning.  So he hung up the board and went old school.


Me and JP.  He, like every kid his age, wasn’t around much for me to be taking pictures of him.  His friend was there.  He didn’t want to be with us all that much for some reason.  Why wouldn’t he want to hang with a dad who bit it more times in one morning than I do when I am chewing double bubble, and a mom chasing kids down the hill with a camera?  Really?  Sounds like an ideal set up for a teen.


This is what we saw a lot of:


Ski Patrol came over to see if he was ok after this one…good thing someone cared, see how concerned we all were, “Hey check Dad out, he is moaning and isn’t getting up, so we can all rest a little while Mom takes a picture for her blog.”  Yeah, we can be a little heartless. 


This fall was at the top of the hill – equal opportunity biffer.  He can wipe out anywhere…just another photo op for me.  I think if he got some of those cool snow pants boarders have  – you know the ones – they hang down around their knees keeping their butts hanging out for all to enjoy – if he had those, he would get the hang of it.  It sure seemed like everyone with the cool snow pants could board pretty well.  I am thinking of getting myself a pair just to look more cool. 


So the day ended…it wasn’t as romantic a cruise as the Bahamas version, but it is as close as we can get during a North Dakota winter – our cruising water is still solid.

If it was up to this kid, we wouldn’t have left…ever.  We don’t call him Crazy Man for nothin’.


And the rate this winter is going, maybe we can go back after school gets out in June.

Do you think cool snow pants will make my three chins look better?



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