What am I going to be when they grow up?

My Facebook profile has read this since I started down the road of letting everyone know what I am doing at every moment.  What am I going to be when they grow up?  That was years ago and I am no closer to an answer. 

When I was younger, I assumed that at some magical given milestone age, like 30, or maybe 40, I would know exactly what I was all about and the searching for the definition of me would be over.  I am just not so sure that is the way it works.

Do I have to be defined?  Do I always have to fit a mold?  Yes, there are areas of my life that won’t waiver: my faith, and my people.  But the rest of it, can’t it change like the wind?  Like how suddenly I find myself becoming a frequent vacationer to the Caribbean? (I am planning our first return trip, because I have a new addiction.) 

So, right now, this is how I define myself:  wife of Bill, mother of four (primary job), special-ed para (secondary job), foster mom of one, food explorer, travel dreamer, internet addict.

A year from now, this list could be a little different.  In fact, this fall the list could be different because I will be coming off 3 months of no secondary job and sunshine.  Right now, I am burnt out.  Doesn’t that change things too?

Anyways, maybe this will be a topic I explore for a while.  I have been pondering what a girl with a great brain and education in science is doing working for peanuts at an elementary school,  but I also love my job.  Can I do it long term?  Is the lack of a decent pay check the only draw back?  Do I want to go back to school and into my field or a different field?  What would that even look like?  I’m not sure what my future is all about.  This blog brought it to the top of my attention list today.    Join in. 

Who are you?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Crystal
    Mar 06, 2011 @ 10:04:42

    Hey neighbor to the North!! That’s cool. Thanx for your comment on “middle of nowhere”. I was so excited to check out your blog, and I love this post. I often feel like I an undefined….what I am and do never fits on that tiny line you have to fill out all the time for “occupation”. I like to think I’m the Queen on this establishment but that would require too much explanation. My description is ever-changing and has been since college. Actually your post really spoke to me..because I always figured it was a bad thing that I floated with the breeze. But I love that about myself and need to embrace it! I’m so excited to find another Dakota girl!! Have a great weekend!!


  2. Rachelle
    Mar 08, 2011 @ 17:55:22

    Your current occupation makes total sense when you have four children at the ages that they are. You get to be home when they are home. Plus if you love your job, so who cares how much it pays? Those are the types of jobs to hang on to. 🙂

    But when the wee ones grow up & move on, you may want to consider going back to school or exploring other options. We’re never too old to “grow up”.


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