I didn’t cook this week.

I work so hard some times to find recipes that 1) I can cook and 2) my family will eat.  There are many times that I read some recipes the same way I read science fiction. I get to the end and I think, “well that’s not going to happen.”  

I am willing to try some of the stranger things suggested with “upper Midwestern” ingredients like chicken and hamburger, but I don’t do seafood, and I don’t do tofu.  I bought tofu once and it sat unopened for weeks, months, well, until I finally admitted defeat and threw it away. I once watched a show about a person who was addicted to pizza.  I believe the technical name for this condition is “normal.”   This is who I am.  What I am trying to work my way towards is more veggie, less junk, but it is hard because I am almost positive bacon is one of my love languages.

Lately, while trying to learn how to cook more healthfully and from scratch, I have chopped and minced more onions and garlic cloves than my first 33.5 years combined.   I have not cut myself all that often, which is good because if I cut my finger off in an onion slicing accident, I wouldn’t know if I was really crying.

I have good weeks, when I cook all kinds of things according to my weekly menu plan, but this was NOT one of those weeks.   This was a “fend for yourself” week.  I don’t think anyone noticed because it is a common reality around here.  The only night I cooked was Sunday, and I hit a home run!!

Sunday – Chicken Parmigiana    I will make this over and over and over until the day I retire from the kitchen!!


Monday – Toast or left overs

Tuesday – Repeat Monday

Wednesday – Repeat Tuesday

…and it continued right through Friday.

So if you remember this week’s pretend menu plan?  It has now mostly become next week’s. 

So this week’s plan:

Monday – Turkey and Black Bean Taco

Tuesday – Mexican Stew

Wednesday – Adobo Chicken

Thursday – Left overs?

Friday – Road Trip


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