American Idol – top 12 ladies

So tonight we are watching our recorded AI.  Curly had an eventful day with her frenectomy.  She is coloring from her cushy spot on the couch.  JP’s parent teacher conferences are over.  Yeah, we know he gets bored.  Do something about it. 

So anyways, let’s declare today’s stuff over.  Why not sit down and take a listen to the ladies?

Jennifer Lopez looked really good.  I like her hair down. 

Ta-Tynisa – I like her funky hair – she just lets it go.  Her vocals were ahhh…ok, nothing great.  Her dress was cool too, but if I tried to wear it, we would have wardrobe malfunction.  And her name – whatev.  I should have hung on to her song because it was the only non-ballad until the very end.

Naima – what the heck is with the dress – peacockesk.  The girl can sing though, so I guess she can wear whatever she designs -whatever.  I didn’t like the song choice – only because I don’t like that style, but she can really sing.  I don’t like old lady music.  And I stand by that.

Kendra – Holy tight pants, batman!  Ya know what I would look like in those pants?  Woof.  If she is going for the man vote with her pants and shoes, it might work.  Steven seemed to take notice. 

—-  And we pause now to eat scrambled egg dinner, prepared by Princess,

who is taking super care of her sister. —

Rachel – You’ve been a very bad girl.  Time for you to go home.  Your song made me want some of Curly’s gas just to get through.  Buh-bye!

Karen – She says we need more Latin sass on the show and then sings Hero.  Barf.  In Spanish.  Adios.  Here in North Dakota, Americans speak English, but then, we are back woods hicks.  As a second language, some of us speak Canadian.  Anyways, back to Karen. 

——–  Please, someone pick a fun song!! ——–

Lauren – On a Monday, I’m gonna love ya?    It is Thursday and I don’t.  Love.  Ya.   And the clothes were yuck too.  The black boot things.  What’s up with that?  She sang alright…but when it was over, I wasn’t moved like the over-loving judges. 

Can the judges say anything bad about anyone???  Cuz they are not all that great.  Some of them make me feel like Curly did when she puked on the floor of the dentist’s today. 

Ashthon – her hair is really Diana Ross – like.  In a cool way.  I wonder what it feels like.  Her clothes kinda left me like, “WHAT????”  And her song choice was another let down.  She is pretty, though, so I will keep her around another week so she can pick another song and impress me.


Julie – She reminds me of a beauty pageant contestant.  I have liked her in previous shows, but I don’t think she sounded all that great tonight.  Or maybe it was just because the girls have Barbies that look like her, so I cant think of her as anything but

Haley – I guess I like her, but at this point, I am sick of girls trying to sing all soulful.  They all are singing the same style and all trying to be smoldering…sick of it.  She also wins the award for biggest mouth. 

Thia – only 15, and singing a song fit for, I donno, someone WAY older.  bored of these songs.  On my own?  You probably don’t do anything on your own at age 15.  You can sing, but jeeeez, hang on to youth while you can.  You will be my age soon – and still then, you don’t need to sing old lady songs.  Sure you can sing, but pick something FUN!

Lauren – Curly likes this song.  Me too, because she isn’t trying to be something she isn’t.  Sweet 16 and not trying to be 35 and seductive.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  Refreshing.  Like a drink of Pepsi on a bad day.    My favorite so far just because she didn’t sound like the rest.  THANK-YOU!!!

Pia – She reminds me of the bachelor chick.  But anyways, the web is crawling with all kinds of prior experience, like I guess she sang the National Anthem at Shea Stadium. I donno, I still liked her song a ton.  And if it had to be a slow song, at least it was one I knew and liked. 

And that is a wrap – the last two were my favorites.  Please, rid the show of Rachel!!! 

Now we can watch tonight’s show and see if America Agrees with me.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nicolle D
    Mar 04, 2011 @ 17:34:43

    Trey has to have a frenectomy too this coming summer. Who did you go to? Why did she puke?
    We love Idol too, and think this is the best group ever!


  2. debpieper
    Mar 04, 2011 @ 18:19:45

    Our dentist does them…laser style 🙂 We think the gas made her puke. Although it was worth it because she was one happy camper.


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