Time to give polygamy a try

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over and expecting different results.

I am going insane.

Doing things over and over is pretty much the definition of being a mom and a housekeeper.  Clean it, they trash it, I clean it, they trash it, I clean it, they trash it, I clean it, they trash it….over and over and over and over. 

Tonight, it was after dragging my dead butt grocery shopping and then hauling the bags and boxes all into the kitchen when I lost it.  I didn’t want to grocery shop to begin with, but there are only so many days I can say “I would have made supper but we have no food in the house” without looking like a deadbeat mom, so off we went on our romantic date night (a whole ‘nother topic) to the grocery stores.  Nothing says “I love you!!” like Sam’s Club.  Date night needs a make over.  Mayday!  Mayday!  Date night is going down in a ball of flames. 

Back on topic.

We get home to unload and of course my kitchen counters are already full of everyone’s everything because no one in this house puts away anything and since we have reached a new month, no on is claiming to be on dishes duty, thus, no one has to do them, and no one has taken out garbage, and someone has taken advil but left it on the counter right next to the Nyquil and Dayquil (I do know who the sick kid is, so this one isn’t hard to trace) and someone has left the pancake syrup he/she was asked to put away repeatedly for the past 3 days onto the floor of the pantry, and someone left the hot dog Styrofoam container from the gas station on the table for over 24 hours, and the list could go on for pages, and I have no where to put the groceries.

So I lost it.  I told them all I retire from the maid job they all seemed to hire me for.  I am done cleaning up after them.  I wonder who will do it all now.  Give it a week, everything will be stacked to the ceiling.

I told the family that starting from the top of the Pieper food chain (listen up, Mr. P.) they need to put away the peanut butter when they use it.  “I put it away!!” he says.  I told him I will start keeping track.  I happen to know he bats about 50% in the returning PB to the pantry category, but if this little spaz of mine makes him keep track of putting it away all the time just to prove me wrong, I still win by losing.  I am ok with that.  That will get 3 square inches of my kitchen counter back.

Guess what?  Laundry was sorted into piles in our bedroom.  The piles then were removed by someone other than me from our bed at bedtime (the last 2 nights) and nothing has been put away.  I keep sorting and stacking.  I think that is very nice of me.  I put the drawer stuff away, and then nicely stack the shirts that need to be hung so they don’t get wrinkled, but the piles haven’t been put away.  MIRACLE!!  Hark, while I type this, I hear the click of hangers.  See why I lose it sometimes?  It is the only way to get stuff moving around here!!!

It seem like life is all a bunch of wash, rinse, repeat these days.  A never ending cycle of same crap different day.  I am thankful for laundry because I love the people who wear it all, I just wish they could wash their own stuff.  I am thankful for groceries to put away because that means we have money to buy food.  I know all that blah blah blah.  Sometimes I just get sick of the repetitive nature of this beast we call life.


Cooking.  Dishes.




Got it all done?  Good.  Start over.

I need a wife.


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