How do you fall asleep during an earthquake?

I love the Mr. very much.  Really, I do.  But falling asleep next to him, although it brings warmth for my feet, is like falling asleep while laying on a washing machine who’s drum is off kilter.  Or while in the front car of a rough roller coaster.  Or shivers on a –40 day! 

Not for an extended time period, but for a matter of what is actually about a minute, my life is in danger every night.  What makes a person convulse as he is falling asleep?  I’d like a pill for that.  Fix it.  So I can go back to cuddling instead of kicking him and telling him to move over because he is jerking me around.  He laughs because he knows it is true.  He woke up the time he punched me. 

Restless leg syndrome, move over.  My hubby has restless body syndrome and it is driving me insane.


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