American Idol

Yeah, I am sucked back into the AI vortex!   Tonight was top 12 guys – some were great, some well, sung like I sing in the shower, which is kinda pitchy all over the place.  Some of y’all, it just wasn’t good today, dawg. 

First Dude Clint – I just cant even get passed/past? his glasses.  I am just stuck there.  Cant hear a thing he sings.  Which is too bad, I think he can sing pretty well.  Next time, I wont look and I will just listen.  He reminds me of someone…

 Source              Clint Jun Gamboa Superstition Video American IdolSource

Jovany – the name alone.  And He sang a song I love.  I’ll be the greatest fan of your life.  Well, maybe not really.  But I am sure someone will be with that sweet voice and name.  Jovany.  Really.   He has nice abs too, so they say.  Superficial, much?  No, not me, not really.  It’s all talk.

Jordan – just had to skip this performance.  period.  nasty.   First to go. 

Tim – I had to use rewind to go see which performance I had missed and that doesn’t say much about it.  But when I watched it again, it wasn’t so bad.  Just nothing I will remember tomorrow.  Didn’t that old mean judge that I cant even remember his name used to say that?  (Simon)

Brett  – I am jealous of Brett’s hair, in a weird kind of way.  It looks so soft.  I wonder how he gets such great curl – Curly and I need to talk to him.  He reminds me of Carrot Top, of course.  I will never take him seriously.  I am waiting for a punch line.  Always.  See, I don’t even know what he sang.  It is all about his hair.

James Durbin – He has Tourette syndrome.  He makes me want to yell out an expletive.  I don’t like that style of music, although he is pretty good at screaming in a musical way.  He needs a different name – James just doesn’t cut it for him.  Something that ends in x.  And a tail?  He is party animal of some sort.  Not a James.

Robbie – He needs to pick something young and cool.  He is 17.   Different hair, different clothes, but really DIFFERENT SONG!!  That is the APCA song.  All I can think of is dying dogs and cats.  Please make a donation to your local pet adoption agency. 

Scotty – the country boy.  Don’t sit on a stool and lean to the side while raising a lip in one corner.  I don’t know why but I love his voice (I like country music) but I have to look away while he is working so hard at being country cool.  Oh shoot, I just looked up – keep the eye brows under control too.  He will be on the radio in a few months…

Stefano – You’re amazing just the way you are.  That’s what he said.  Just don’t try to be too amazing – those high notes pained me.  “Nothing awkward” “You’re a beast!”  I like this guy.

Paul – he has a killer smile, maybe a lot of teeth bleach? Just a guess.  A Kenny Loggins kind of guy with a quirky voice.  His last name is McDonald and that is perfect for him.  Paul McDonald.  Yep, he fits his name very well.  I wonder how diverse he can be.  Time will tell. 

Jacob – The way he moves, I think he is going to be a wienie but then he sings…and oh my that guy can sing.  Not my style at all.  But man, he can surely sing.  But then he cries – please don’t cry every week, I cant handle it.  He belongs in a church choir with Mandisa.  Whoa – there is an idea.  The two of them together would be epic.  Or something.

Casey – He is my guy.  Anyone who can play the stand up base is it for me.  And I liked his shoes.  I guess I would trim up the locks a little.  I just like him.  He needs a little of the teeth bleach, but he can just go ask Paul.  I love this guy.    Lopez told him he is sexy…I mean, come on!!!  Even Randy wanted MORE MORE MORE!!  Feel the love.  He is my #1 vote. 

That’s a wrap.  Ladies are tomorrow.  This should be fun.

Who do you like?


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