All about me Monday

Found a new blog I like because she commented on my girls’ birthday party entry.  Cool how this blog world works!!

1. What do you love most about where you live now?
2. What do you hate most about where you live?
3. How many places have you lived as an adult?
4. Describe your dream home.
5. How many states have you lived in?
6. When you move, do you do all the packing yourself or do you hire someone to do it all for you?
7. You’re moving next month! Are you happy or sad about it?

1.  I love the people here – I am surrounded by friends, family, and neighbors who will do anything for our family and vice versa.  I love the heartiness of North Dakotans, I love the emphasis on family and I love the traditional way of looking at life.  I also like the we are close to family.  I cant imagine not being able to get to my extended family very often.  Not being involved in their lives would be like not living. 

2.  What I hate about North Dakota.  Two words:  February, March.  That is about it.  Oh, and mosquitos, but right now, they don’t sound too bad.  I like that people who live in other places think we are backwoods hicks stuck a few decades back.  I like that they think it is nothing but flat wastelands here.  We know better.  What I hate about my actual home – nothing.  Except that I have to clean it. 

3.  An adult as in over 18?  Duluth and then ND.  (three places in the local area)  Bill and I got married, live in an apartment and then bought our first home and then built this home. We moved here when we were 26.  We could live here until we retire.  Seriously.  This is us playing in our basement.  JP is in the furnace room, Princess is doing laundry, Curly is coming down the stairs, and Crazy Man (see who I had to stick by?) is bouncing his ball on our elliptical. 


4.  My dream home would sit on 10 acres with an expansive lawn with some full sized trees.  The house itself would be two stories – with dormers – and a huge wrap around porch.   Maybe red.  Master on main, huge kitchen, awesome area to host large dinner parties – like my extended family of 29 and growing.   Big TV room/game room for all the kids…in the walk-in basement.  I also would like to own a home in the Bahamas – beach front.  I saw a couple I would like to own.  It did ask dream home, right?  I dream big.   My happy home is here with my kids and hubby. 


I really like the styles found in this blog post!  But mine looks more like “still have hand-me-down furniture from Bill’s grandparents” and that is a look that lasts and lasts.  Wonder when my Amish furniture is going to be done.  The Amish must celebrate Christmas at a different time than we do. 


5.  I have only lived in MN and ND with no plans to ever live elsewhere, although God steers this ship, so I won’t say never.  Live here, travel all over.  That is our long term plan.


6.  Move?  We would pack it all ourselves and have friends help haul.  We did last time, when the triplets were 2.  Like I said, we live in a place where getting help wasn’t hard at all – moving was stress free.  Unless we had free moving as part of a package deal…I have no problem letting someone else do all the work.  Equal opportunity. 


7.  SAD doesn’t begin to cover it.  I would be ripped out of here and cry the whole time.  But, there are only 2 places we would even contemplate moving to…up closer to my family or down to the farm.  To do either,  we would know deep down that it is where God wants us, and I know I would have peace about it.  But I would still cry.  A lot.  These are my people.  This is my home.



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  1. Larisa
    Feb 28, 2011 @ 16:36:16

    I love this post, such a great idea…if I ever start a blog, I may use it if it’s ok. BJ was saying he’d rather have to deal w/dumb ‘ol mosquitos than any more snow and cold just the other day….great minds think alike!! 🙂


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