Review of the week’s food full of extra bonus material

Saturday, I made Pepperoncini Beef – oh me, oh my, I loved it.  All the family ate it, except Curly who doesn’t eat meat.  I didn’t even melt cheese on it and liked it – it would be better with cheese, but I saved the calories. 

20110219_144608_8016      20110219_193431_8023

Sunday, Bill and I escaped for a spur-of-the-moment date, so I didn’t cook.  Good thing we had left over beef, I ate them again!!  YUM!  Just Go With It was our movie, complete with texts from JP:  Come get me.  My reply:  Can’t, call Janelle.  (Thanks, Janelle!)  I mean really…no one interrupts a date movie – they are so seldom. 

I had the day off on Monday (oh the lack of a paycheck is going to kill me!!!) so I spent the day doing a lot of prep work.  For dinner, we ate Chicken Tortilla Soup.  Again, yummy!!  I was 2 for 2 at this point in the week.  Crazy man ranked it an 8, Princess only a 4, JP an 11 and even Curly tried it and ranked it a 1, would have given it a zero, but that wasn’t between 1 and 10.  I added extra chicken and some frozen corn.  On one of the comments, it mentioned adding some rice, and I think that would be really good too, so later in the week, I did, and it was.  We didn’t add the tortilla strips.  (The recipe seems so similar to Tortilla Soup but it tasted better to me this time.)


I also made the marinade for Tuesday’s Beef Fajita Nachos.

20110221_122306_8024  20110221_122334_8025  20110221_122740_8026

That is a 9X13 pan and one chunk of steak, people!!  A Roger sized piece.  I knew this was going to be good!!!    It sat in the fridge for 28 hours soaking up that flavor!!

And I made Quinoa and Black Beans for lunches.  Thought it would be gross.  Really, even while making it, it just didn’t seem to be hopping with excitement.  Guess what?  It is pretty ding dangity good!  Lunches wont all be torture this week!!  Bill would have liked some salsa to get more spicy flavor.  Well, he doesn’t cook, so he can deal.


Tuesday night was Beef Fajita Nachos.  The flavor of the meat wasn’t as deep as I thought it would be but it was still good.

20110222_184032_8057 Check out the size of this thing…

20110222_184037_8058  I cooked the peppers and onions just like she told me too

20110222_184903_8059  But then we don’t eat meat that is still bleeding…

20110222_184908_8060  So I chunked it and cooked it for a while with the peppers and onions

20110222_185851_8062  They were good! JP gave them a 10, Crazy Man and Princess an 8, and Curly even ranked it an 8 (she ate the end I left with just cheese so I told her her vote didn’t count.  Winking smile)  I had so much meat left over, I made more of the toppings and whipped up brown rice for lunches, and also to add to the Tortilla Soup above.

The one member of our family who loved it the most was:

20110222_193759_8063 Look how she is sitting so good, trying to con some more of this steak off me.  She wouldn’t even look at Bill for the picture, she watched me chop steak.

Wednesday was the day the forgotten quarterly strep swabbing doctor appointments, the kids are in a medical study.  No, no injections of radioactive material – just a study trying to figure out why some kids get strep and some lucky ones (like us) don’t.  So by the time we walked 4 kids though swabbing and ask questions like, “got any ideas on the rash all over Crazy Man?” it was 5:00.  No time for supper!  McDonalds for the kids.  I wouldn’t let them get pop because I couldn’t handle watching them drink it while I suffered!  Smelling fries was bad enough.  I ate leftovers.  Bill had toast.

Thursday was a very quick spaghetti night because JP had a band concert and we were cleaning and getting ready for the girls’ party. 

Friday was the party – ate junk, for hours.  I cant believe how much the girls ate!!

So I think I have learned that I cant cook like Betty be-boppin’ Crocker all week – I don’t have it in me.  5 days is too much to ask.  I will list recipes and see which nights I actually make it work.

So this week’s plan:

Sunday – Chicken Parmigiana

Monday – Turkey and Black Bean Taco

Tuesday – Lemon & Dijon Chicken with Panko Crust

Wednesday – Adobo Chicken

Thursday – Left overs?

Friday – Mexican Stew

Lunches – Spaghetti Squash Lasagna


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kari
    Feb 26, 2011 @ 11:28:09

    Those beef fajita nachos look awesome! I have to try those!

    If you liked the pepperoncini beef, you should try this one:

    It’s my absolute FAVORITE. Maybe I’ve mentioned it to you before. I can’t remember. haha. Anyway, we eat them on hoagies with cheddar cheese and some green peppers and onions. So yummy.

    I also hear this is fantastic:


    • debpieper
      Feb 26, 2011 @ 11:51:32

      Thanks, Kari – these will make it onto upcoming lists SOON! 🙂 The meat in the nachos was still a bit too chewy for my liking, so tenderize it a little first!


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