Dude, I drank fruit juice while in my suit on my cruise…

(Five spelling words for the week, wrapped up into one nice sentence.  I’ve been working on them all week, and I think I got them!)

The title is just a sampling of my random week I am experiencing.  Or is it a normal week I am not able to wrap my brain around?  Either way, I am not sure I can write anything meaningful tonight.   It has been a while since I typed in one of my “the random way my brain works” entries.  It is about time.


So Crazy Man wants to be, well, Fu Manchu ish.  This is what he came up with today.  I particularly like the unibrow.   The whole thing is a great idea – kept him quiet for a long time.  We might have to revisit this art project often.

I just watched 600 band members from our school district play songs for an hour and a half (all city band concert.)  Was it good?  It has it’s moments.  6th grade bands are never all that great – and clarinets – oh Lord, how my parents must have suffered while I learned the art of not squeaking because I flinch every time.  And God’s sense of humor – Curly plans to play my clarinet starting next year.  Expect whining clarinet mom blogs.  Anywho, the symphony band was excellent, and I hope my kids stick with band that long – it is the “thing” from high school I am most proud of.  And tonight, I sang to some of the songs.  I should be in some sort of choir.  Bohemian Rhapsody is my all time best.  Galileo!!

So, the high school’s parking lot must extend for miles because in the time it took me to walk/run/shuffle my frozen butt into the concert from my van (which does NOT have heated seats or auto start, remember) I was in pain from the cold.  I am trying to take this weather temper tantrum in stride, but commmmon!!!!!!  Enough is enough!  It is almost March and it should not be necessitating the need for a wind chill advisory.  Get real.  The good of this situation is that Penny’s had winter jackets 80% off and I got the hum dinger of a deal on a new Columbia – too bad they sound like diapers when they get cold. 

This weekend, JP can get his Zero Hero badge for Boy Scouts – not something Floridians can pull off too easily.  They have to sleep in a snow fort.  The cryin’ is in the details – it has to be below zero.  I think they just might make it this year.  This forecast has to be good for something:

Tomorrow Night

Partly Cloudy -13 °F

Partly Cloudy

I suffered my diaper-padded body into Wal-mart tonight too.  I am spoiled by the nice one near our home.  Tonight, I had to go to ghetto Wal-mart.  I know, I know.  We don’t have a ghetto.  But shopping that one just isn’t the same once you have been spoiled by a clean Wal-mart.   Just going in to grab a couple last minute things for the girls’ big party and oops, how does that happen?  $75?   Really?  For what??  Wal-mart, you get me every time.  Dang you!

So I am doing well on my eating and exercise thing – more on that another day.  But last night, I was so hungry I couldn’t talk.  Really, couldn’t hold a conversation without eating first, and could I think of what to eat?  NOPE because Little Debbie Nutty Bars and Doritos are on my NO list.  What other options are there when famished?  I settled on frozen cauliflower with pretend cheese sauce, thanks to my favorite green giant – you know, the jolly one.  I couldn’t read the ingredients – BAD stuff in fake cheese.  But veggies dipped in bad stuff has to somehow equal out to ok, right?  I ate the whole thing.

Speaking of eating.  All this healthy stuff is not easy on the digestive system.  Really, the initial side effects are not desirable.   Just needed to share in case you follow me around.  Fair warning.  Be prepared to take shelter if needed.  I forgot about this part of going cold turkey healthy. 

Making supper tonight, I dumped all the spaghetti noodles in the colander, and the weirdest thing happened.  The bottom snapped out of the colander when I picked it up and the noodles busted through the bottom and slid down the garbage disposal.  That is the kind of week I am having!!  I picked the top ones off as fast as I could and fed them to the kids anyway.  Five second rule applies to garbage disposals as well.  Just in case you ever need to know…

20110224_232820_8071     20110224_232815_8070

And because of peer pressure, I will add a couple sweet pictures of my kids a few years back.

2002-07-05_103311    2002-07-05_110237

    2002-07-05_105855      2002-07-05_134228   

2002-07-05_134209    2002-07-05_134040

That concludes this installment of RaNdOm ThOuGhTs!    The heat kicks down at this time of night, and I am shivering.  One must wear 5 layers to stay warm.  Oh beaches, how I miss you!!!  I look forward to our reuniting!   Until then, I will warm up my feet on Bill’s legs and then snuggle under a ton of blankets and one black lab.


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