I get knocked down, but I get up again

There is a reason I don’t wear high heels all that often.  Mostly because they are not practical – it is hard to chase kids while wearing heels.  Another reason is that my back hates them.  Really, it reacts in a very 70-yr-old-ish way.   And thirdly, well, I am just not all that cool – never was.

On a thread I was reading, I found links to these three video – made my day and I thought I would share. 

I am just laughing and cant stop…seriously.  That guy’s laugh is awesome. 

Oh, at least her dress wasn’t white.…

Do you think it was the shoes or the hair?

So yes, up here in ND, heels are not all that necessary at all.  We have boots, yes – but the kind that say “Sorel” on them.  And for my fashion forward NDians, kudos to you.  I am so out of the “I can wear heels in a blizzard” competition.  I did just buy some rubber boots so I can be more fashion forward when I go sandbagging.


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