Holy Moly, this man of mine is nuts!


The guy goes out to a geek convention (I am pretty sure it was called “Compilation of Eccentric Techie Mutants 2011”)  and comes home with a tat…and a girlie tat too!!  I hope it lasts for months!!

And you think the kids get it all from me. 

No Sir-eeeee-Bob.

When I get mine it will be real!!!  And wont include a flower!

(Think I am joking about the poindexter level of his week’s activities?  He attended a workshop breakout titled:  “Multi-hop Claims Passing and Authorization using ADFS 2.0 and custom authorization on Windows Azure”)

And he also got me a little somethin’.



It reads “Geek Girl”  which compared to the ladies at his conference I am not even in the same category of Geekdom, but I do love my geek and on the big scale, he is WAY up there near the top.  Smile  I get points simply for being married to him.

For your education values, according to Thesaurus.com:

Main Entry:

Part of Speech:

odd person; computer expert

buffoon, computer specialist, curiosity, dolt, dork, freak, goon, guru, nerd, techie, weirdo

a geek is any smart person with an obsessive interest, a nerd is the same but also lacks social grace, and a dweeb is a mega-nerd


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Michele
    Feb 19, 2011 @ 21:18:06

    LOVE it! I guess we’re both married to geeks then 🙂 Although I’ve always favored “dork” as a good discriptive nicname–hee hee.


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