Flying by the seat of our pants

So today, we learned that all the little blue things washed up on shore here are not cute little baby jellyfish who cant find their mamas.  Nope, they are Portuguese Man-of-Wars.  or Men-of-War.  I donno.  But from what I read, they are not something to pick up and put in my pocket to show my kids.   They look really cool, like someone blew a bubble with blue gum and left it inflated on the beach.  Kinda.

Today was off to a good start.  We opted to walk again to Jerry’s Famous Deli for breakfast with our neighbors and co-travelers, Roger and Michele.  I made the worst choice of my day when I ordered an awesome fruit bowl and followed it up with a chocolate malt.  Sometimes, it seems as though I can’t happily digest dairy.

After breakfast, we pretended that a couple of the swanky hotels were ours and sauntered through them, finding cool bathrooms.  We also found cool backdrops for pictures.

20110206_113310_5430 20110206_113843_5433

Then we headed to the beach for some parasailing. 



While Bill and I were up there, we saw three different sea turtles swimming.  It was so cool.  I also suddenly got a feeling of horrid haunting dairy consumption coming back to conquer my stomach.   Besides the stomach issues, other things weren’t going right either.  Let’s just say that I took a huge step ahead in the little ongoing competition between a certain sister-in-law and me.  Grand Prize goes to ME!  It wasn’t the most graceful exit off the parasailing boat, it may or may not have involved the boat operators needing a bucket and a rinse, but I am alive and the poor guys will never see me again.  Story over.

Quote of the day:  Weird man walking on boardwalk with a cat in his pouch.  By pouch, I mean a baby carrier type thing.  Another man on boardwalk:  “Hey, do you mind if I take a picture of you and your furry pussy?”  Yes, this actually occurred. 

We have our curtains wide open so we can watch the sunrise tomorrow morning.  We haven’t witnessed one yet, maybe that has something to do with fabric covering the windows.  Could be. 

Good-bye, land; hello, ocean bound Pieper Mom and Dad.  Miami, you have been good for the soul.


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