Outside of my box

Today was a day of firsts for me.  Now, many of you are going to laugh at me, but although my hubby has travelled extensively,  I have not.  I have stayed home and taken care of the kiddos.  And yes, a couple of times, this caused a hard feeling or two.

But not this time.  This time, I am on a vacation WITH my hubby.  And I am outside my ND comfort zone. 

New things I have done today:

Peed in an airplane (2nd time ever, I think, I just try to avoid airplane peeing all together)

Taken a taxi ride (was bummed that the driver spoke English and didn’t weave in and out of traffic like a mad man)

Ate a fish taco (fresh Mahi Mahi – Holy Moly, I don’t eat fish, but if it was always this good, I would)

Things I learned today:

You can change your 2-year-old’s diaper right there in your airplane seat

You can wear skin tight white pants with black underwear, even if you are way over weight and in public

I can still drink 36 ounces of coke in one day and enjoy every drop

Not everyone speaks English, but I still think they should

I am a wimpy flyer – my right ear is still plugged, and I was eating life savers and chewing gum, what more can I do?

I will be picked out of the line at the gate for further bag checking because unlike all the HUGE backpacks, I am only sporting a little one, easier job for the TSA

We flew out of the same gate in Minneapolis that we flew out of when we took the kids to Disney World.  I had a small moment of missing my kids.  I learned that I really do like them.  Smile

I had my toes in a snowdrift this morning, and I had my toes in the ocean tonight…didn’t learn much from that…just needed to say it.

A Green Bay Packer fan dressed complete with a cheese chunk on his head will be ridiculed in a Florida airport…even if it is just by me.  (but there were others)

When we flew over the Red River this morning, I told it to behave and leave us alone this spring.  I learned that it looks pretty innocent from the air when it is in it’s banks and sporting snowmobile tracks.

This will be fun – tomorrow I get to watch the sun rise over the ocean, that is if I wake up that early.  I will post pictures then…I haven’t taken any yet. 


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  1. blaine nichols
    Feb 04, 2011 @ 20:41:04

    enjoy yourselves you deserve it



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