Life some days…

Oh my, what a difference a day can make.  Yesterday, energy to do NOTHING.  Today, Free at last, Free at last…I have the Zune blastin’ some good Lady Gaga (yes, I know, she is a sinner, unlike the rest of us who are holy) while I happily scrub showers and toilets.


Somehow in the middle of my blasting, I hear my phone ringing.  It is a neighbor.  It becomes clear that Crazy Man has found a neighbor with a snowmobile.  Even better, the snowmobile has a father driving it, pulling a sled full of boys – what a better place for him to be.  Not surprised.  Conversation:


Neighbor:  Hello, this is Mrs. Neighbor and I am just calling to make sure it is ok with you if Crazy Man is snowmobiling.

Me:  (thinking, “jeez, where won’t that kid go for a sled ride?) Oh sure, no problem.

Neighbor:  Ok, there is just one problem.  He wore his glasses over here and was so proud of the sunglasses clip.  Well, he set them down while they were working on something.

Me:  Glasses?  What glasses?


Neighbor:  His prescription glasses.  He is so proud of the clip on sunglasses.  They are cute. Well…   (yes, it seems she is trying to get something off her chest, but I am way too hung up on the glasses detail.)

Me:   Um, what?  Again, glasses?

Neighbor:  I know, his glasses.  I am sorry, it seems as though my dog ate his clip.

Me:  Laughing.

Neighbor:  (Not laughing, picturing the optical bill she will have to pay.) Yes, we searched the whole yard, unless our dog hid them somewhere, but we think he ate them.

Me:  Oh, do you mean the glasses he hasn’t worn for 9 months?


Neighbor:  (maybe not quite hearing me) Go ahead and just order him another one and send us the bill.  We have already made a “for sale” sign for our dog.  (seriously, they had)

Me:  Ummmm, he doesn’t need glasses anymore, so we wont be replacing anything and you don’t need to worry at all.

Neighbor:  Really?

Me:  Yeah.

So, I couldn’t wait to hear Crazy Man’s story.  Seriously, he hasn’t worn those things in forever, so why he decided today was a good day to put them on, and the sunglasses as well is WAY beyond my thinking. 


Crazy Man:  Don’t worry mom,  it’s just the lenses that are broken.

Me:  Why were you wearing them?

Crazy Man:  That sun is just so bright out there.

Makes sense, I guess. 

I guess they found the clip, and sure enough, the dog was eating them.  But they rescued them, and they came home in a baggie. 



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