a day like all days should be

I got my hair done.  I might get in a little trouble for it at work because of the slightly red-ish tints, but I think it is awesome and I love it.  Again, spending 2.25 hours with my hair lady is a fun time.  We conversed about all important things, of course, and as she pondered over how in the world my eyebrows had gotten so bushy and out of control, we solved the world’s problems.  “Cover your banana!!” I heard.  Don’t worry, Courtney, it is always covered and under control!!

The service today was incredible.  I was served scotcheroos while getting styled!!


Hey – it is me with pink hair in my pink blogging chair!!

Courtney taught me something today – the only reason I think Shaper hairspray smells good is because I link the smell of it to the presence of my cousin, aunt, and uncle.  So guess what?  I don’t really like the smell at all, it is just a happy smell to love connection.  Just like every morning when I use my Chi spray and actually do like the smell, and think of my happy hair styling place with my awesome hair chick.  Happy happy places.

Then it was off for a pedi with Jen.  Where did we go, you wonder?  Wal-mart.  Yep, my first pedi at Wal-mart.  I generally am one who pities the people getting their nails done at Wal-mart.  Before this day, I would have rolled my eyes and shaken my head in disbelief.  Nails are done at nail places.  Shopping for tampons is done at Wal-mart.  Don’t mix the two.  But guess what?  We were pleasantly surprised when we had nice hot water in the foot spa and were able to converse with the ladies servicing our feet.  Read: the pedi ladies didn’t chat about how gross my feet were and laugh at my short little legs in another language so I couldn’t defend myself.  It was very enjoyable.  Who knew?  Wal-mart + Pedi’s = very good job!!  Our one problem – how do we get home without paint damage when we need to put back on our super thick socks and hiking boots?  So we sat under the dryer for a very long time, hoping someone we knew would walk through the check-out lines at Wal-mart so they could feel sorry for us sitting there with our ever-so-convenient Sprite and Cheetos, enjoying spruced up toes. 

Pool Party is the name of our paint choice, by the way.

Then I came home to pack up for the upcoming vacation.  I, being the wise prepared person that I am,  had everything hanging ready to go.  Bill, on the other hand, was nowhere near able to pack up.  SHOCKING!   Guess what?  We headed back into town to buy a few clothing items he needed.  His list:  socks and underwear. (What the crap, I counted and he owns well over 20 pair!!  Underwear has been nixed from the list.)  My list for him:  Dress pants for dinners, a couple shirts, oh, and then a couple things for me – like a white t-shirt to replace the one he ruined and some new shades.  I am never too busy or too far behind on my cleaning to-do list for a trip to the mall.  NEVER.  Mall shopping is therapy. 

So at the mall, we see this awesome sign, guess peepers aren’t a hot item on the must-have list this year:

We also saw a teenager grab his assumed girlfriend’s butt, which of course had the always classy words-written-across-the-sweat-pant-butt look, and not a quick grab, but more like used his hand and her butt to steer her around some other people.  All this while chatting up with what appeared to be his mom and dad who were on the other side of him.  Class act. 

Ok, off to hit the to-do list and get the suitcases finished.  So much to do…so little care in the world to get it all done.


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  1. Larisa
    Jan 29, 2011 @ 18:30:57

    Awesome hair and toes….I would’ve never considered Walmart for a pedicure, but being able to converse w/the pedicurist and understand them would be a real treat!! Have fun packing and crossing things off the to do list, 6 more sleeps until you get to go somewhere warm!!! 🙂


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