oh my lordy, this week stunk

I can only begin to sum this week with the sharing of the fact that all day, my socks were inside out.  I have been known to wear my underwear inside out but have never worn my socks inside out.  What is this world coming to?    I think it has something to do with bus duty requiring me to get up at 6 AM rather than my 6:45.  Or maybe it has something to do with the hot flashes at night thanks to my drugs of (un)happiness. (Missi, I have been taking them just for you and for my, well, hopefully shrinking…ya know.)  Or maybe the hubby with the cold who snores and coughs all night, even while completely Niquilled into oblivion.  Or so many other things…I need to pack, clean, and get ready, but all I can do this week is eat and sleep.  I am pretty sure I am full into the seasonal hum-drums. 

But not Bill – he is all pretending he is still a young boy.  Last weekend,  he took Crazy Man and some other scouts to an overnighter at the hockey arena.  Yes, they “slept” in the cement corridor with the lights on after watching a game, and then skating, and then watching movies.  Yeah.  They “slept” under that Happy Harry’s Bottle Barn sign, right next to the pop recycling can. Cozy up.  He said they must turn the building heat off at night – and he shoulda had a hat to sleep in – a kid shouldn’t be able to earn his polar bear badge at an inside event.


Now tonight, he is at the YMCA lock-in, again with the scouts.  Swimming, dodge ball, pizza at midnight, all this after skiing with the 5th graders today.  Can you say ADVIL?  At least someone has energy.  Maybe not tomorrow though.  I love that my hubby is a very involved dad!  We have blessed kids.


I am excited about tomorrow.  Tomorrow is the day I get this body all buffed and ready for vacation.  Hair cut and color, eyebrows tamed, pedicure.  Maybe all that will put me in the mood to clean the laundry room and organize the cabinet under my kitchen sink -maybe to finish cleaning areas that will stay clean for a week – you should see my list.  Ok, let me show you. 

  • Junk Drawer 1
  • Junk Drawer 2
  • Junk Drawer 3
  • Junk Cupboard 1
  • Junk Cupboard 2
  • Junk Cupboard 3
  • Pantry
  • Hutch
  • Upper Cupboards
  • Lower Cupboards
  • TV stand
  • End Table
  • Front Closet
  • Hallway Closet
  • Girls’ bath
  • Our bath
  • Our dressers
  • Our nightstands
  • Our closet
  • Gift closet
  • Curly’s room
  • Princess’s room
  • Laundry room
  • Furnace room
  • Boy’s hallway
  • Boys’ linen closet
  • Boys’ bath
  • Crazy Man’s room
  • JP’s room
  • End Table downstairs
  • Computer table area
  • Under stairs closet
  • Fridge
  • Freezer
  • Leather
  • Lighting/Fan
  • Walls
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Hardwood Floors
  • Couches/chairs
  • Vacuum
  • Van
  • Yukon
  • Light switches

Now you know what I am up against, and maybe you can understand how my mind sometimes goes on overload.  I will get as much of this crossed off as I physically can. 

Ok, we found this candy bar at Wally World today…


Has anyone tried it?

How about this King size??  I squeezed the drops down to the one end…and if this is what the king eats, I hate to see a pauper size bag.  I could eat this in one bite. 2.1 oz. – Kings size – really?

candy 2

Man, I gotta get some sleep.


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