Our week in food–a taste of reality

It didn’t even come close to good, let alone healthy and yummy as planned.

Monday was supposed to be Barbeque Worth Bragging about  – but I didn’t have time and instead made Lime Glazed Pork Chops.  We hated them.  Seriously.  Yuck.  I threw the left overs in a crockpot and added my own seasoning to make them edible left overs.  And that was the best meal I made all week.  Tuesday was a phone call on my way home from ballet reminding me I had a meeting at 6:00 – I ate McDonalds, who knows that the family ate besides a triple batch of chocolate chip cookies.  Wednesday, I napped for 2 hours after school – wasn’t feeling good at all.  For supper, I ate a bottle of squirt and 2 extra strength Excedrin while decorating for the scout banquet.  The kids had toast or cereal or something.  Thursday was the banquet and I am not sure what my kids ate, but they had many options.  They were probably sick of toast and cereal and so happy to see real food.  Friday, a friend delivered Buffalo Wild Wings for me and only me to enjoy while the rest of the scavenged again.  It was that kind of week.  And really, go ahead and judge me. 

This week has to be different because I am starting to freeze some meals so the grandmas have something easy to pull out and cook for dinner when we leave. 

Sunday will be Root Beer Pulled Pork.  I have a 5 lb. pork roast, so I can easily freeze a large chunk of this.  Never tried it before, but I am sure to like it, that many great reviews cant be wrong, right?  It smells really awesome cooking.  I think when I get to the point of dumping off the root beer, we just may have root beer floats with it.  YUM!  Pork roast floats. I’ll try to strain it first…

Monday, I plan to make my Chicken, black bean, corn thing.  Yeah, the recipe needs a better name.  Taking suggestions…

Shred some chicken – in skillet, add some chicken broth…yep, amounts like that. 

Dump in 2 cans each (drained) whole corn and black beans.  (I learned today that JP doesn’t even know how to operate a can opener – THAT will change soon.)

Add one can each of green chilies and diced tomatoes – sometimes I get crazy and do the rotel tomato thing… 

I spice it with cumin, red pepper flakes, garlic (fresh of course, if I feel like it) and anything else I am in the mood for.

Serve over brown rice.  Eat all week for lunch.  If you don’t count calories and aren’t lactose intolerant, feel free to put shredded cheese and sour cream on it…YUM! 

Tuesday – Lasagna (making two so I can cook one and freeze one)

I didn’t know until about a year ago that I can make this with raw noodles and just add a little water on the edges and bake as normal.  Great, because I hate cooking those stinkin’ lasagna noodles first.  My mother in law taught me this – she is stellar in every way.  Jeez, how did I make it my first 18-ish years without her?  I have a recipe to make this from scratch, but cant find it…If you want to get all fancy this recipe looks yummy!!  I don’t use anything all fancy cheeseish, my kids just like shredded mozzarella.  So basically, my recipe goes like this:


spaghetti sauce

shredded cheese



Wednesday – I think I will make some chili.  That freezes well, and will provide JP a chance to open many cans – his life skill of the week – never too early to prepare him for college.   And maybe some chicken noodle soup.  I freeze it without the noodles.  Noodles don’t freeze and thaw well.  They should, it would make life easier for me.  And maybe some turkey rice soup while I am at it.  Let’s declare it soup day!!  Most of it will be frozen for later usage.  I don’t use any recipes for these things, I cook, cut, and dump.

Thursday – Left over night.  Mostly soups, I suppose. 

Friday – huh, I am not sure what I will do.  When I searched “Good Friday night recipe”, this special came up.  Don’t think it will fly around here.  I am thinking homemade pizza.  Never done that before.  Can use these recipes if I actually do this:  dough  sauce 

Ok, off to swim for a while – yes, swimming in the subzero, something we do for fun around here.


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