Yeah, because my mind tends to be all OCD about some stuff…

Ok, I have not blogged about our upcoming trip yet because I feel like it is just a brag fest when people from the frozen tundra stick a trip to a warm place in everyone’s faces.  Like:  “Hey, guess what I will be doing while you suffer?”  Or “Look at my list of places I have gone, while you losers sat at home?”  (Yes, it is true, up until this very moment, I have been the loser in this scenario.  This is our first winter trip together to somewhere warm – EVER!)  I will not blog too much about it, but I will share what the prep work of taking a trip looks like in our home, pretty much all thanks to my trip planning OCD.  We start today…T – 13 days. 

Today is all about the clothes:

I already have my clothes for the trip hanging in one area of my closet.  (They have been hanging there for a week, I just told Bill – he is learning things about me from my blog.) Just in case I had the inclination to wear one of them between now and then, I can easily be reminded that I need those clothes to be left alone, so the dryer doesn’t eat one of them or Bill doesn’t wash my white t-shirt with darks, causing it to be tie-dyed or something catastrophic like that.   (He has been known to do that.)  As if I will wear capris, flip flops, or tanks this time of year.  Well, I do wear my tanks, under the long sleeved-t, under the sweater, sometimes under the sweatshirt. 


As part of my planning  – I have to try every outfit on, because there is the possibility that because I have lost about 3 pounds since last fall, the capris might just fall off, forcing me to head to the mall and buy new ones for the trip.  Same with the swimsuits.  One never knows.  (Sweet sidestory here, love is truly blind, because Bill asked if I planned to go out and buy a bikini for our trip – seriously, I had to point out the stretch marks and HUGE scar on my belly to remind him why that will NEVER happen again.) Most of the fun in trying on the clothes is feeling like I look skinnier, and I probably do because I am not wearing 4 layers and 10 pounds of clothing.


Bill, on the other hand, will just grab some stuff sitting on a closet shelf the night before we leave, and shove it in the suitcase, calling it good.  He once traveled to South Africa with just his carry-on because the 2 pair of shorts and 5 shirts he needed for those 2 weeks didn’t take much planning or space.  It drives me nuts to watch him prepare for one of his trips.  I almost always get out the suitcase and lay it open on the floor as a small hint to him, to which he replies,

“What are you, nuts?  It is January, I don’t leave until March!!”

But I need to know things are under control this way – I just need to know.

Just wait, his OCD will kick in when he insists we need to take those well thought-out luggage pieces to the airport a good 4 hours before our flight leaves.  People, we live in a ho dunk town– only a handful of flights leave from our 5-gate airport each DAY!!  Security means about 10 minutes of shoes and rancher-belt-buckle removal.  And then the understanding look as we prepare to leave those poor souls for warm places beyond…

Ok, I am off to look into accessories…

Bill is heading out to buy smart wool socks, because although we escape for a week, our daily reality requires them for survival.


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