Sausage, Dynamite, Gollum, Tots and Octopi

Man, I wish I could eat an entire 1 pound bag of M&M’s right now, peanut or plain.  None of those pretzel ones – blech.  And some Doritos – nacho cheese.   With a side of two extra strength Excedrin.  And wash them down with a Pepsi or something.  I have a headache so bad, I just want to stay in a dark room the rest of the night.  But I can’t.  I have children who require parental involvement in their lives tonight.  So I took off my skinny pants, and put on my sweatpants.  Life is better this way.  Who knows, maybe the pressure on my thighs was the cause of the headache anyway; after all, they are used to having breathing room.  I felt a little like this dog.  Go ahead, click on it and then look at her other dog photos – good stuff.

  Um, a hextopus in today’s jeans.  (It only has 6 appendages.)

1. Did you know sheep can eat dynamite because of a special bacteria in the their stomach?  I Binged it to find out if this fact is true, because I don’t trust Popular Science magazine, I mean really, is science all that popular?  and I stumbled across the below clip…a classic.  Tots are popular FOR SURE!  Certain things I don’t question, and tot popularity is one of them.  Sheep eating dynamite?  Who tests this stuff?  Questioning going on here…so I was sidetracked and never finished my fact finding mission about the sheep and dynamite thing…I think I am going to go cook up some tots.  And load up my pockets for tomorrow.  I get hungry mid-afternoon.–_OfwPePw4w–_OfwPePw4w

2. Did you know that tomorrow, we are supposed to get an artic blast, good thing – today, with it’s temp of 2, was unacceptably hot.

3. Did you know that we have a 20 – 25% chance that our river levels will reach record flood stages this spring?  That means 75-80% that they won’t.  Just in case, I am ready to work the octopus.  What is that?  My town’s folks know how to rock the octopus.  We have more than one, so I guess we rock the octopi.  (Ladies, this is a perfect chance for you to be sportin’ rubber boots!!)


4. Did you know that JP can recite the first paragraph of The Hobbit?  There is a reason his nickname is Pippin.  He likes that kind of stuff.  And it goes well with Pieper.  I am known as Mama Pippin in certain circles.  I think I look more like Gollum, except I have brown eyes.  When Bill sees me, he says, “My preciousssssssssssss.”

5. This whole day makes me want to steal an ambulance and go get some pizza.


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