Oh my…what kind of mother does that?


I am enjoying a thread on a friend’s Facebook page about the tactics used to clean up her young child’s mouth.  She is talking about disrespectful words used against her and others.  Her choice was to wash his mouth with soap.  Holy crap, I didn’t realize it was such a hot button topic with so many.  I am almost afraid to say whether or not I have ever done it to my kids because the responses were so in-her-face and those were from people she must like because they were on her own Facebook wall.  YIKES! 

I was chatting today with a co-worker about parenting styles and the ins and outs of all the different parenting fads.  It starts the minute you announce you are pregnant.  Are you a scheduler?  I was.  Are you going to let your kids cry it out?  We did.  Guess what, it worked for us, our trio slept through the night at 10 weeks old and since they were 8 weeks early, I think we did ok.  JP was even earlier.  Sleep is vital to a mom of 4 under 3.  They needed it, but I needed it more. It was what we did.  What????  You didn’t??? You should be ashamed.  (**sarcasm**)

Do you plan to co-bed?  How about wearing your baby?  I didn’t do either of those things.  My opinion of both of these is extremely selfish.  I like my bed to be a place I can sleep.  No way could I sleep with a baby next to me.  They can have their own beds, and we can all sleep better.  And I already carried those kids for 9 month and 7 months, why would I want to carry them longer?  I was tired of carrying them at that point.   What I did carry was a Mt Dew case into the house weekly if not more often.  THAT was what I needed.

Breastfeed?  Formula?  Well, people, my opinion is clearly that breast milk is the best answer here, but some cant do it for many reasons.  I work at school, I can’t tell who was breastfed and what poor kids were raised on Similac.    Big picture.  Not a biggie.  The worst thing is that Similac kids had stinkier diapers to change until the breastfed babies caught onto baby food – it all catches up.  Oh, and you better be making your own baby food, too, or you suck.

How about classes?  Infant swimming?  Toddler classes?  Baby TV?  Baby sign language?  Again, didn’t do any of these either.  Couldn’t.  I can’t hold three babies or toddlers in my arms while teaching them how to swim.  Really.  Baby TV?  Nah, but they watch plenty of kid TV now.  We encourage it now to make up for the lack of screen time they had as infants.   The electronic babysitter, my brother once called it.  The TV saved my sanity.  Certain shows were SURE to bring me a little quiet down time in the middle of a chaotic day.  I always thought JP would sure be a great signer and thought I would teach him how to baby sign, but then he started talking and by 1 was in complete sentences so why bother with the sign language?  With the trio, yikes…if one of them was thinking “more” then he/she could just reach over and swipe some from whoever was next to him/her.  No need to tell me.

Pre-school, home school, private school, un-school, how in the world are we supposed to figure all this out?  We didn’t do pre-school at a pre-school but I taught my kids at home.  So I guess I can check the pre-school, homeschool, and public school boxes off on my list of been-there-done-that.  We have already informed our kids that they wont get any extra financial help from us to hit up an over-priced private college (yeah, I know that is slightly biased writing right there) so my kids will most likely not set foot in a private school.  I am a big fan of the public education  my kids have gotten thus far.  I think they are just fine and haven’t learned any devilish things from kids that they wouldn’t learn at a private school, and I speak as a child who attended both.  Let’s be real.  Christian kids are naughty too.  – OK,  Back on topic.

How about Growing Kids God’s Way?  Never got into that.  Not even sure I read the book (or books?)  I try my best to grow my kids God’s way, but I am not sure that way is in the book.  Not even sure at all. 

Ya know, there was 1-2-3 Magic, which I never liked because I knew that it taught my kids that they had 2 chances to disobey before I really meant it.  Counting as a motivation during transition times, sure, but when I tell my kids to do something, having to count to three only means they disobeyed twice.  I better not even have to reach 1.000000000000000001.    I am mean like that.

Love and Logic, now that is a theory I buy into.  You do something stupid, there will be consequences.  You work hard, it will pay off.  Real life stuff there.  But I didn’t buy the book or take a class on it.  I guess it is my natural parenting style.  If you do something stupid around here, I feel it just may be my job to hand down some sort of consequence for it.  Work hard, and whoohoooo, high fives all the way around. 

Ok, what got me on this soapbox?  I read this article entitled Why Chinese Mothers are Superior from the Wall Street Journal and about fell out of my pink blogging chair. 

This lady makes us all look lazy.


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  1. Julia Jaeger
    Jan 13, 2011 @ 16:15:45

    I agree with a lot of what you said and way to say it! We make our kids go without supper occassionally as well and guess what they are a lot better behaved for a day or two! :0)


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