There is a simple explanation for the total collapse of the Vikings season.  Nope, it wasn’t the WAY-too-old QB who thought he could pull off one more year of behaving like a kid on a field.  We all know he just may be acting like one off the field – time will tell on that one.  But he wasn’t the reason.  Neither was that WR who thinks he is too good for pretty much anything or anyone at anytime.  Those few games he graced us with were spectacular, weren’t they?  His comings and goings had nothing to do with the team’s poor outcome.  It wasn’t the coaching or lack there of.  Or the coach changing.  It had nothing to do with the Metrodome roof collapse either.  Of playing a “home” game in Detroit.  Ah….MN – Detroit – really, not much in common.  Or the Tuesday game in Philly.  Or any of that weird stuff that happened this season. 

The problem was that each player was given a football game to keep them entertained during those long weeks away from their families.  They loved these games, which were purchased from the $1 aisle of Target.  So much time was spent hovering over these games; hours of strategizing, deliberating, scheming. 


How were these men supposed to know the desired outcome was to move the ball  past the goal line when the game reads “Gealline”?  This season can only be blamed on this one misprint (or many of the others included in the game, such as the QB being named the Quartetback, maybe an important detail of the game.)


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  1. Missi
    Jan 12, 2011 @ 16:56:50

    That is AWESOME! And totally why they are on the $1 rack (half price the day after Christmas) at Target!


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