Squeaky clean

Flash back to wedding day again.   The girls and I were already at the church doing our girlie primping and prepping.  The guys were to show up at a given time for pictures. The big debate of bringing the suits with and getting dressed at the church vs. coming already dressed must have been settled because 3 Pieper guys, fully dressed in their handsome suits climbed into the Yukon for the drive into town.  I guess Crazy Man climbed in a couple minutes before the other two, he must have been pumped to get the show on the road.  He did look sharp!

Ok, so we had been driving all over the salty sandy roads and the Yukon is pretty much black.  So, it looked like this:

20110103_110151_7539    20110103_110204_7540

On the way to the church, Bill decided to run it through the car wash.  I wasn’t with, but to hear what happened is still a highlight of the wedding day for me.  My version goes like this.

JP:  So Mom, did you hear about the bonehead move Crazy Man pulled?

Me:  (thinking, “oh crap, not today, please not today.”)  Nope.

JP:  He left the moon roof open and we got soaped in the carwash.

Enter Crazy Man, looking pretty much like death.

Me:  What happened, Crazy Man?

Crazy Man bursts into tears, sobbing (wont he look great in the pictures that are supposed to start in 10 minutes?)

Bill walks in steaming mad – like I am not sure I have ever EVER seen him this mad.

Me:  (trying not to laugh, really, wish I could have watched this go down) Let it go, boys, let it go.  Worse things are going to happen to you today, like look at me, I have no nylons to wear and I have a blister!

Bill:  He is such a )@*#)$@#)*$)@#(&@(#&$(@#($*!!!    Really, as strong as his language gets, he probably at worst accused him of lying.  But smoke poured out of his ears.  And all I heard was blah blah blah horrible child blah blah blah dead meat blah blah blah will he ever grow up blah blah blah not funny blah blah keep his hand off buttons blah blah blah. 

Me:  (trying to get my mind wrapped around the situation)  Slow down and tell me what happened.

Neither of them could really tell me the whole story.  Bill had to go sit in a pew for about an hour and a half and take an Excedrin to calm himself down.  Crazy Man bounced back pretty easily, although his smile in the pictures is a little smaller than he normally would flash when he knows he is looking all hot stuff.

It wasn’t until Bill was sitting up at my brother’s house 2 days later that I was able to get the full story.  And by then, Bill was completely laughing too.

I seems that in that period of time Crazy Man crawled in the Yukon before Bill and JP, he decided to play with the buttons and open the moon roof.  He almost got it closed, but not sealed but instead of telling anyone about it, decided that if he pulled the cover panel closed, it would finish the job.  Well, once in the carwash, when the soap started to rain on Bill and JP, the issue was discovered.  Bill tried to push the rocker switch to close the moon roof, but since it is new to us, he didn’t know which way to push it (who uses a moon roof in December around here?) and accidentally pushed it wide open.  (This small detail wasn’t even mentioned until my brother’s house, and once he shared this part, we were all rolling!!!) Luckily Bill had 2 towels with to dry the doors so they wouldn’t freeze shut so he quickly jammed them up there.  When he noticed the sprayer had turned and was again headed to the front of the Yukon to rinse the lovely soap off, he wisely pulled the Yukon ahead, forcing the door open.  Bill and JP had soap on their suit, there was soapy water on the seats, the console was also wet, and these things continued to get a little wet again at every start and stop. 

It all dried up…no permanent harm done.  By the time I got in after the ceremony, everything was peachy.  And that is all that matters.

So flash forward to yesterday when once again, the Yukon needed a serious washing.  Bill is sorta afraid to take it through a wash, so he decided to splurge and take it to Don’s Car Wash because it is one of those trusty places that you get out of your vehicle and watch it go through, thus eliminating the risk of getting wet. 

Good news – it stayed dry. 

This story will live forever.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Missi
    Jan 10, 2011 @ 21:57:56

    I know that story was the highlight of the How family Christmas for me. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long, long time! 🙂


  2. Lynnsey
    Jan 13, 2011 @ 16:54:15

    Ok Deb…that was pretty hilarious. I am glad the Car Wash made it into your story. That was a good plug too. Thanks for the laugh..made my day.


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