What? No built in TV’s in our vehicles?

Nope.  Not a single one.  We own a couple little DVD players, but honestly they just don’t get used.  Maybe if we ever were to get stuck in a snow bank, we could whip out a movie player and watch something…I donno.

“How in the world do you travel with children and no TV?”

Easily.  We drive, they are strapped in, we all get to where we are going.  Traveling done.

“What do your kids do while you drive?”

Sit down for this – they read, listen to music (or Dave Ramsey), and look out the windows.  My girls each read 17 books on our trip to DC this past summer.  It can be done.  Sometimes, we even converse.  We have had some of our best conversations in the van.  None of us can escape, so we talkFor our road trips, I have packed all kinds of craft supplies, our favorites being tape, pipe cleaners, and tin foil. 

“How do your kids feel about not having TV’s in the vehicles?”

I feel like they can’t miss what they have never had. 

“I am fine with that.”  “I don’t really care.”  Those are the replies from the girls. 

How about when it is dark?

We have been known to sing loud and crazy and miss our turns, and sleep.  The kids do not have DS’s or anything like that, so when it gets dark at 5:00, we talk a little more and then hope the quiet means catching up on some much needed ZZZZZZZZZZZ’s.  Or we do some more talking.  Crazy man just needs some tunes and his pillow and he is good to go. 

Being able to be un-entertained is a missing trait in this generation.  Having to always be provided with something to do, thus having the inability to sit quietly is one drawback to having every little toy and technology at our fingertips 24/7.  I like that my kids can just sit and look out the window.  It is a life skill.  


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  1. Melissa Schmalenberger
    Dec 20, 2010 @ 16:52:14

    What always kills me is when parents are driving in town with movies playing for their kids…….really! I have the best conversations to and from school or out running errands with my kids. I won’t even let headphones be worn by any of the kids while we drive.


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