This is mammoth, it is WAY bigger than Dad’s!

Tonight was our family Christmas gift opening.  As always, the kids’ reactions, both good and bad, didn’t disappoint and we walked away with some great one-liners. 


We make the kids open their presents one at a time, taking turns…we are mean like that. Crazy man set the mood when he opened his beloved gift from Curly:


The Girls loved their new collection of fuzzy things…


…and matching, because all multiples like to match…


And then oops, someone bought crazy man a lefty hockey stick on accident.  He had a really hard time guessing what it was based on the wrapping job.  Pretty good if you ask me.


And then JP opened this:   20101218_214600_6438  which is where we got the title of this post.  I knew right away it was the blog title.

20101218_215243_6442  Curly asked for a Zune, so Princess drew her one and wrapped it – it was a classic Princess gag gift…she is famous for this kind of thing.    Doesn’t Curly look as though she finds it very very funny??

20101218_215408_6443  Crazy man showing off his building abilities again, when Princess opened a new table for her American Girl…while opening it, she felt a stabbing.  What could it be?

20101218_215149_6441  “Oh,” says Crazy Man, “I tried to staple the box shut.”  Yeah, the idea drew blood.  But A for effort.

20101218_220515_6448  Ripping open the Xbox and Connect… “Whoa, is this going on the only TV left without an Xbox?  We are spoiled!”  I love when the kids realize this truth.  Curly, “It’s the girls’ Xbox!! Finally!”

This picture caption was one of those classic one-liners:  “Brush the liquid on your meat!!”20101218_221023_6457

20101218_214611_6439  Anyone need something cut up? 

Or shot?  20101218_215754_6447  WHAT HAVE WE DONE?

20101218_212356_6415 How about some bendable bushes?

Pink collapsible cup?   20101218_213624_6433

20101218_220848_6456  How about a $6 cone?

The Princess and her new throne.  20101218_221118_6458

The wrapping paper is all picked up and we are heading to bed.  Tomorrow brings hope for a nap, which is the one thing I want from my kids for Christmas.


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