The crap wrap award goes to…

ME!!  I am sick of wrapping presents, packing the stuff up, and then having to get it all out again when I find a present I have forgotten about…chalk it up to a very disorganized Christmas season, due to obvious reasons, but this is driving me nuts.  Today, I wrapped the last few gifts for our kids, saving them because it is obvious what they are and I like to keep secrets.  This is what happened when I applied my best award winning efforts today:

20101218_103512_6378   20101218_103549_6382    20101218_103639_6385

What will they care?  They will just rip and throw anyway, and that glorious activity is TONIGHT!!! 

I moved on.  Bedrooms are spotless around here.  We found the carpet in the two bedrooms that have been missing a floor for months.  It feels so good.  Princess kicked and screamed, but in the end, she not only got rid of about 4 garbage bags full of stuff, but also located her missing purse containing $85.  Great!!  Now she wants to go buy a couple more gifts – guess what that means about wrapping.

PS.  Lucy wants to say “hi”. 


PPS.  I made ham and potato soup for lunch – you should too sometime.  YUM!


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  1. Larisa
    Dec 18, 2010 @ 15:25:55

    I love your wrapping job, it looks like how mine get when I’m tired of wrapping and have hit the “I don’t care what it looks like” point. Way to go Princess!!! Hi to Lucy….our 4 legged family member went in the boys snow fort again today w/help from Kevin=laughing boys and my Dad to. 🙂


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