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Oh, man, did we take a hum dinger of a family vacation last summer.  A couple years ago, we agreed that when our kids were the “perfect age”, we would head to Washington DC.  Well, with that perfect age looming, we started the planning process.  Our friends, the Thompsons (see baking perfection queen), and us started early and planned for MONTHS for this trip. Actually, it was about a year.  After looking at a map, we decided to add Virginia to our trip as well because Virginia is for lovers.  We searched tons of websites, Tripadvisor being a favorite.  I like all the forums I joined and found all sorts of tidbits of info to make the trip planning easy.  If you need any pointers, just ask, we mastered cramming it ALL into one vacation.  We found hidden bathrooms, hidden restaurants, and located all the drinking fountains.

What I remember from each day:

Day 1 (not counting travel days, we drove):  We did the monuments by night tour.  LOVED sitting on the Lincoln Memorial Steps overlooking the reflecting pool and Washington Monument.  It was cooler at night – much more enjoyable.

20100613_172700_1237     20100613_203137_1342

Day 2:  Arlington and The Air and Space Museum – what I remember is drippin’ freakin’ HOTTER THAN I HAVE EVER BEEN IN MY LIFE and being bored at the Air and Space.  We adults didn’t even pretend to enjoy it, although it was air conditioned and contains a McDonalds.

20100614_103702_1357     20100614_143648_1454

Day 3: The day we walked ALL OVER DC – I think we logged 12 miles of DC walking + to and from the metro…I wore tennis shoes to be “smart” but I think they look stupid in pictures, so next time, I will go with sandals…saw the Capitol, every monument and memorial, every important building, and loved the clouds which kept us at HOT rather than FREAKIN HOT.

20100615_101713_1494 Oh, Capital, how I wish our senator would have tried to get us a better tour of you since the headsets didn’t work when shoved in a room with a couple hundred other people.  I bet you are beautiful!!      20100615_141340_1559  Just keep walking, just keep walking…20100615_141433_1562  Still walking…

 20100615_142854_1589  See, dumb shoes…they make my butt look fat.

  20100615_152553_1618  A reverent hush falls over the group…

 20100615_153926_1626 JP’s hero…

  20100615_160541_1637  Our quick run-by of the white house…someone needed to find a bathroom, and I guess after 5 PM, no one is open for peeing visitors except Ronald Reagan.    He was our hero that day.  Worth going through security for. They have a food court in the basement there!!

Day 4:  Ford Theater, hoping it would convince Curly that the color purple did not have anything to do with Lincoln’s death. 

20100616_083206_1647   Ford’s Theater – sorta; it was air conditioned, and also right next to Hard Rock Café, which is also air conditioned.  Presentation was excellent. 

   20100616_155738_1695 Museum of Natural History – Hey Dum Dum – Air conditioned20100616_131025_1671  Museum of American History – Air conditioned

  20100616_172435_1714  highlight of kids’ day…we were just thrilled it wasn’t one of us.

Day 5: Mount Vernon – HOT again.

20100617_101205_1726 NICE place, George.  Did you know it sorta has air conditioning now? 

 20100617_101611_1727  We need one of these for the triplets…

20100617_104406_1735See the river?  I wanted to go jump in it. 

Day 6:  Good bye, DC, hello VA.  Hello, great nap with super good air conditioning.  I also remember this being the beginning of Chick-fil-A heaven.  Maybe something about an adults-only run to Cold Stone


Day 7: Norfolk, VA  Tour of Navy Base AKA HOLY CRAP, WE ARE ABOUT TO BOIL IN OUR SKIN!!  So it also was go play in the ocean at VA beach day.  I learned that day that it doesn’t matter what you look like in it, anyone can wear a bikini.  YIKES!  Also, Curly lost her beloved pink goggles in the ocean on a rather spectacular boogie board biff.  If anyone finds a pair that have washed up on shore, she really misses them.






Day 8: Colonial Williamsburg.  I was on history overload and suffering from “I think I might die if I have to pretend I care while suffering so much” syndrome. It was a short trip to Colonial Williamsburg, followed by another nap, some TV, and a swim in the pool.


   20100621_095116_2101    20100621_095022_2099

20100621_122026_2181   Chopping the heads off was a valid option, I was so miserable.   But at least I was wearing sandals so my butt didn’t look too fat.

20100621_101009_2120  20100621_122553_2192 Caterpillars and big “string beans”

Day 9:

We went to Water Country USA.  What I remember of that day most is how my brand new swim shorts rubbed my inner thighs completely raw, so I sat under a major umbrella and sipped lots of water since it burned to even walk.  Yep, don’t buy new stuff and forget to try it out or break it in.  YOUCHIE!!  (If I had been blogging back then, I would have taken a picture to share.  It was that good.)

  20100619_132341_4296   20100619_114440_4275

Day  10:

We went to Busch Gardens.  I LOVE Griffon.  I Love Apollo’s Chariot.  I also have very fond memories of the big drink we bought and could refill for 99 cents…we went through a TON of those.  I also remember getting my tank top wet almost right away and instead of cooling me off, it heated up so quickly that I almost steamed to death. 

Best part of the day

Day 11:  Time to head home.  We made it all the way to the Gateway Arch. 

20100623_154141_2212  Cooling down a bit

20100623_200011_2228  Do we look tired yet?

Day 12:  Up in the arch and then all the way to the farm…

20100624_094923_2294  20100624_092553_2270

20100624_095459_2313   20100624_092103_2253

20100624_172650_2329  Almost home…

Although I am frozen right now, I still remember how I felt when I was pretty sure I was a gonner!  Yep, there does come a point when no matter the liquid intake, a body cant deal.


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  1. Bruna
    Dec 16, 2010 @ 22:23:21

    Wow! Looks like a busy but fun trip!
    Stopping by via Mama Kat’s.


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