A rant about allowing children on Facebook and beyond

I love kids.  I get kids.  I think kids are awesome.  I don’t get some parenting though.  I’m not saying I am the ultimate mom or anything like that, but some things seem so obvious to me.  Don’t take it all personal, don’t send me nasty grams.  Blow it off it you don’t agree.  These are my top two:

1.  Don’t put your 8 year old on Facebook.  First of all, teaching them that lying in any situation to finagle it to work out how you want it to is just a crock of crap.  Teach them to tell the truth, all the time, no matter the outcome, no matter the consequence.  Personal responsibility can be taught.  Give it a try.  Second, what is the point?  Keeping them in touch with Grandma or Auntie Julie can be done with the cell phone you bought them in first grade.  I see the immature junk 5th – 8th graders (and of course well beyond into adulthood for some as well) put on Facebook and just think it is ridiculous.   “Well, I am one of their friends so I always know what is going on.”  There are plenty of other areas of life that need mom and dad in the mix, get on those areas first.  For example,  teach them how to put mittens on while wearing winter coats, or if you prefer, how to zip a winter coat while already wearing mittens.  Your choice.  Could make for a good weekend activity. 

2.  Rated M video games should be played by people who exhibit the ability to determine reality from fictional worlds.  For the most part, that eliminates elementary-age kids.   Really, mom and dad, killing people all day is how you want your child to spend his/her weekends? Enough said.


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  1. Rachelle
    Dec 16, 2010 @ 13:07:12

    You make some really good points, Debbie! When I owned a video store, I had one six-year old tell me that a rated R horror movie was their favorite movie & all the while the mom was telling me “she just loves that movie & watches it all the time”. Unbelievable! Of course I had to just smile & pretend to not be in shock. They make age limits/suggestions for a reason.


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