Things heard around our home today

Curly:  Dad, what is 1/4 cup doubled?

Dad:  1/2 cup

Curly:  Mom, what is 1/4 cup doubled?

Mom:  Curly, dad just answered that – 1/2 cup

Curly:  Yeah, but he is not a good cooker, so what would he know?

Princess Pieper arrives into scene, with hair up and make-up on for ballet recital.

Crazy Man:  Whoa, you look WAY older than you are.  (And he would know since is is only about 90 seconds younger.)

Princess:  Shyly grins because she is so not all about the attention

Dad:  Princess, you look like a real ballerina!

Princess:  Shyly lowers eyes, batting eye-lashes because she truly does not understand how beautiful she is

Crazy Man:  (Whispers to me) She looks beautiful!

Mom (about bustin’) knows Dad is taking beautiful Princess Pieper on a date after the recital and heart is about overflowing.  (Afternote:  Dad took Princess to Wal-mart after the dance.  Ummm…He is so romantic.  But, he did stay for the whole dance recital.)


Mom:  Crazy Man, you sure have a lot of expensive things on your Christmas list.

Crazy Man:  Oh, I don’t expect to get it all.  If I did, I would have nothing left to wish for.  It is just a list of ideas

Mom:  Oh, Ok.  Smile

Crazy Man:  Kinda like Dad and his dream ski boat.  He doesn’t really want it.  He just likes having something to wish for.

(In that case, my wish list includes a 57 Corvette)

JP:  Look what I made.  It is a killer lawn mower.  (Side note:  mom’s heart is happy because he is building out of Lego’s.  He hasn’t done this for a very long time.)

Mom:  Why is it killer?

Crazy Man:  Why does the driver have a pirate hand?

JP:  He chopped his hand off with the mower blades.

(Mom is no longer all mushy hearted.  Yep, the love fest is over.)



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