Love can build a bridge, but it cant fix the Judds’ faces…

Ok, I am watching Oprah again…why?  I donno.  It is what is on at 4PM.  The Judds are on the show.  I love them, and I loved Wynonna when she went solo too. What?  I am reading on Wikipedia, which is ALWAYS right, that her name actually is Christina Claire and Naomi’s real name is Diana Ellen.  I have lied to my children.   So anyways, I just am amused at the faces that don’t move.  And the glow in the dark white teeth and Wynonna’s boobs.  Oh my lordy, the boobs.  I need to find a hoistin’ bra like that.  Unless of course, I don’t want to look like that…just sayin’  This is a great clip that shows what I am telling you about.  I was so mesmerized, I couldn’t concentrate on what they were saying until I went back and watched it again. 

I really love the Judds.  Really, I do.  But I am disappointed that the good ole’ country girls are looking more like Hollywood fakies than county girls.  Hanging with Dolly a bit much?  I guess I like a few wrinkles on faces I know are way older than I am.  I also know that there is no way the girls belong that close to the chin.

Ok, enough of all that.  I love them, so I needed to listen to some music to soothe my soul. Love Can Build a BridgeA Bad GoodbyeRockin with the Rhythm of the Rain.   Please, celebrities, let your faces move, I beg of you.  I cant listen to you when I cant read your lips.


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