Tuesday Tidbits

Cartilage fish, Bony fish, Cnidarians, Porifera, Platyhelminthes, other stuff like that.  That is why JP can watch Finding Nemo in 7th grade Life Science and get away with it.  They are finding classifications of life matter.  I love creative teachers. 

I love that I finally broke the weight plateau I have been fighting for about a month.  I think I can give credit to the new scale, because right now, I have only broken it by .4 lbs.  But I am happy about it.

Monster cookies must be good for me.  They have 9 cups of oatmeal in them, so hello, healthy.  I make sure to eat many a day.

Crazy man went to bed looking like death warmed over.  Yet, this morning, he has solved his major conundrum by locating what he can use as an ice fishing pole.  (We don’t enjoy sitting on buckets in the middle of a freezing wasteland looking down a hole, so we don’t own any.) He tells me he figured it out while falling asleep last night.  His brain is like mine.

I need my eye brows waxed and a good haircut again.  The hair wont obey me anymore.

Princess has her last ballet practice tonight.  She was reminded in a hard way not to wear underwear under her leotard when she danced at the mall Friday night and her beloved other 2/3’s decided mostly to focus on the 2-3” of white undies showing rather than the beautiful ballet. 

Crazy man came in from the cold yesterday crying because his toes were so hot.  Yep, stayed out a little too long, I guess.

And last, Curly got two new pairs of pants.  I am so excited because she is so picky and hard to fit.  I guess that is what happens when you weigh less than the speed limit.  I also instilled a “you must wear jeans once a week” rule for her.  See what happens…


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