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Mama's Losin' It

Today’s Writing Prompt is a list of words you can be inspired by to write a blog entry.  We sisters decided to challenge ourselves and use all 5 of them.  We are that awesome.  One word is for, well, not us.

“This week I want you to write a post inspired entirely by one of these words:
1.) Simple.
2.) Angsty.
3.) Excruciating.
5.) Bold.”

My take:

My life as a mom is enchanted.  Being a mom is a piece of cake.  I have this whole game figured out.  It is simple.  I find that all I have to do is nothing.  The kids will take care of themselves, or if not, it forces Bill to take care of them.  Bold move, I know. The fall-out could be excruciating.  I mean, if I don’t do my mom job, no one cleans, cooks, runs the kids all over, manages the family calendar, encourages, takes temps, hands out Advil.  Oh, man.  I am giving myself angsty

(My spell checker doesn’t like the word angsty, but when I binged it, I found this: an intense feeling of oppression, anxiety or inner turmoil for the word angst, so add a “y” and call it a day.)


See me with my slippered feet up, cookies on a plate, hot chocolate in mug, candle burning, remote and phone within reach.  Warm blankies all around me.  Computer on lap.  This is my new mothering style.


Her take: her kids are older, she is wiser

Anyone who has ever said parenting is simple never had kids. 

I love the bold proclamations of impending parenthood.  One of my favorite things to do is to listen to first time pregnant women announce to the world everything they will and will not do after their child is born.  “I will never let my child drink pop or eat sugared cereal.”  “I will never allow my kids to say naughty words.”  “I will never drive a mini-van.”  Because, after all, these moms will be so much better than everyone else.  Blah, blah, blah.  It’s good to dream, but be prepared to deal with reality.  When junior calls you a butthead from the back seat of the mini van while simultaneously drinking and spilling his Mountain Dew all over the car seat littered with Fruit Loops, you will realize you couldn’t pull off even one of the pronouncements you made.

Enchanted is perfect trip to Disney World… complete with a surprise announcement… whisking your family away for a week full of fun, laughter and pure bliss.  Soak up all the magic.  It can quickly be replaced by the excruciating pain of listening to your first born announce that they hate your guts.  Or your sweet baby that once clung to you with every inch of his life barely acknowledging that you are alive.   If you can get through the angsty years, you may be rewarded with a thank you or a side hug when no one is looking. 

Parenthood… it’s a roller coaster full of ups and downs… so enjoy the ride then come back down to earth and get back in line to ride again.


crazy mom


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