Long Vaca weekend part 2

Part one is here.

Black Friday.  Two words I used to look forward to with anticipation similar to the night before I was induced.  Yes, this year, as I have done every other year, I poured over the sale flyers looking, searching for the deal that would make getting up at 3:30 worth it.  After all, if I can come out of the store with a arm full of happiness, I forget that it is still only 5:15 and my kids and hubby are still tucked in warm beds where I should also be.  This year, however, I found NOTHING that I really wanted.  Is that a sign of maturity?  Contentment?  I donno. 

I got up anyway.  Why?  Peer pressure.  I needed to go hang with my girls (and 1,000 of my closest Wal-mart shopping buddies.)  And what did we buy?  A plunger.  A pack of batteries.  A couple new flashlights.  And then we went out for breakfast.  It was a new record.  We were done shopping and eating at Country Kitchen by 5:11.  (Ok, not all true, we went back to Target when we were done, just because it was too early to go home.)

Since I have been so good with my food intake (Thanksgiving dinner was a green salad with a small side of turkey) I brought my own food for breakfast.

20101126_065309_6105  Malt-o-meal with flaxseed, people.  Yeah, me, I did that.

Later Friday, we headed to the farm.  It was on this leg of the trip, on hour #8 that I made a group decision that we no longer fit in our vehicles and a Yukon XL is in our near future.  I am done cramming like sardines.  Six of us in our beloved truck for a total of eleven and half hours of driving this weekend = six crabby cramping Piepers.

20101126_163551_6106  We finished the beading.  Smile

20101127_135531_6108  Bill and Scott got high spraying branches for the wedding. 

20101127_162555_6116  Princess Pieper helped decorated Gram’s Christmas tree.

20101127_210150_6126  Bill wowed the crowd, and probably made his mom delirious, when he tried on his new suit for her.  Remember, this guy doesn’t wear dress clothes.

It was a busy weekend.  And now I am home for a busier Monday, one of those days when the two parents have to have four kids in 3 places all at once?  Yeah, tis the season for being over booked.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Roni
    Nov 29, 2010 @ 07:57:17

    Yay for a vehicle upgrade! We LOVE our suburban and can’t imagine squeezing into a mini-van!


    • debpieper
      Nov 29, 2010 @ 16:39:54

      The van would be ok if we didn’t haul the dog all over with us too. The truck? YIKES! That is bonding!


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