Excess Baggage

So, I am reading in our local paper that I need to come clean with my purse. 

I used to be a wallet-only girl.  I left it all over, oopsie, it didn’t belong on a round rack at Herbergers, but it had lived there for a while at one point.  (Yep, people are good around here, no one took it or anything in it!  Maybe they looked and moved on –  there was probably about $4.59 in it on a good day.)  Bill really despised this stage of my purse life.  I am irresponsible.

Soon after that stage, my wallet was replaced by one kickin’ huge diaper bag for a couple years.  I hauled my life around in that thing.  It held everything needed for 4 kids and me because we didn’t do a lot of nothing – if we were at the mall in our triple stroller,  of course that meant all 3 of the little ones would poop their pants and JP would need snacks galore.  I was ready for any kid situation that could come up.  And most likely, it also had a 6-pk of Dew in it and also a couple candy bars for me. 

I was so happy to get rid of that monster bag that I rebelled and went to the little tiny purse that held all my cards itself, and then not a whole lot more. I carried NOTHING my kids might need – my baggage became all about me again.  AHHHHHHHHH, me me me.  All about me.  Soon, I found that I had to ask women around me for things I needed because I didn’t have room in my purse to carry that kind of stuff – you know, like Advil or Kleenex.

According to the article’s quote, : 

Kelley Styring writes in her book, “In Your Purse: Archaeology of the American Handbag,” (AuthorHouse, 2007): “Soon, as responsibility builds, a young woman learns to drive or gets her first job, and the role of the purse expands. … She becomes responsible for herself and the purse is a vital supporting tool. What emerges is a strong, almost compulsive need to be prepared for any situation that might occur. The stronger this need, the more items and categories represented in the bag.”

So what do you think my purse today says about me?  Am I giving in to my compulsive need to be prepared? Yes,  I went back to a big purse, but it is organized!!  I think my purse says “party” on the outside and “grown-up” on the inside.

20101129_210108_6129     20101129_210119_6131

Inside, I had all this:


Mittens (obviously a need this time of year), JP’s MP3  (wonder why??  I better return that), my phone, my work name badge, $48 in cash floating around freely (throwback to my irresponsible days), a bag of malt-o-meal for those times when I have to order hot water and feed myself, 4 tubes of a variety of lip product, Dramamine (not sure what for), 2 packs of gum, foundation, 2 pair of earrings, tooth-flossers, Purell,  2 binder clips, 2 pens and 1 pencil, my wallet, and only 2 or 3 receipts. 

It is clean and organized now!!  Smile  And some of the hardware is falling apart, so I am on the hunt for an awesome replacement that equals this one – I have settled in this perfect happy purse land.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Melissa Schmalenberger
    Nov 29, 2010 @ 21:29:54

    You get two thumbs up. Your purse is totally fun on the outside and organized on the inside….love it!


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