Oh, that Oprah did it again!

In the flurry of all that makes my life, well, my life, I did not only NOT watch Oprah’s favorite things episode, I also did NOT record it.  I wondered why I had forgotten to capture that moment forever in my mind, and how did I forget it was going to be on, and then I had myself a major-a-doodle A-HA moment!!  And here it is: I don’t care – not one bit. 

I decided to make my own Commoner Favorite Things Episode for my blog readers.

1.  Aim and Flames – whoever invented them was genius.  I am afraid of matches.  Without my aim and flame, I would never have lit candles.  And I do love my candles.

2.  Garage door openers.   Whoever invented them musta lived up here in da nort country.  This time of year, I hate to go outside to do anything, so opening the garage by hand would really stink.

3.  Apple slicers.  Great idea!  (sidenote:  the pampered chef pineapple cutter is NOT a great product.  Same idea as the apple version, but bigger, and then completely useless as it just doesn’t cut it!  hahaha  Anyone want mine?  It is in the give-away pile.)

Apple Slicer/Corer                    

4.  Big huge numbers on my bedside clock.  Without them, I cant see what time it is, yes, even from a couple feet away. 

5.  Keyless entry – just think that we used to have to walk up to our vehicles and unlock the door, wasting precious seconds.  WHOOHOOO, inventor of keyless entry!

6.  The remote control ceiling fan with light.  I don’t have to stub my toes trying to get from the light switch to my bed – I can shut it off while laying there. 

7.  Front loader washing machine and dryer.  Can now do in five loads what used to take me ten.  Yesiree, bob, I am a happy laundry girl – well sorta, I still despise laundry. .


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