For Papa

I am the world’s biggest shot wimp.  I don’t like them.  Once in jr high when I had to get the series every kid has to get, I pretty much blacked out in the car on the way home – I had to hang my head out the window to get rid of the tunnel vision.  It was really hard to keep the car on the road – just kidding, I was NOT the driver.  In college when I had to be TB tested (grew up on an Indian Reservation) they had to lay me down and feed me cookies and juice as I was sweating and barely could walk.  Draw blood anytime, but don’t give this girl a shot.

So a couple weeks ago, I got my flu shot at Mayo.  I got the sweats pretty good, but I made it without a black out.  I am not a flu shot girl, I don’t generally get them but for my in-laws I did this year.  Worse yet, my kids all had to get them.  Last year when Bill took them in for shots, he literally had to pin them down, so he was not looking forward to this year’s flailing episode.  Especially when we got a note from the FBI:


(Apparently, the FBI agent forgot to wipe the pizza off Curly’s chin.)

Bill marched the penguins in to the clinic, the nurses lined them up, and they took the shots like the mature kids they are.  No screaming, no kicking, no having to puncture twice due to  severe flinching.  (yes, this was last year.)  It was the best shot day ever.  Just wait till next spring when the trio each get their middle school series.  We may need Valium, and that is just for me.


This is for you, Papa!!


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