Healthy Food Plan for the next 5 days

Ok, I took my week off and now I am going to hit it hard for Saturday – Wednesday, take Thursday – Sunday off (within reason) because of the traveling and Thanksgiving food being served by our hostesses.  My weekly goal is to break the decade weight that I haven’t broken since the kids were born, so over 13 years.  (Ok, well, I broke it once when I was eating ice cream every night and developed a little lactose intoleration.  You can eat ice cream every night if you are sick every morning…the net is a loss. Can I hear a yeeeeehaw for Dairy Queen?  And not a DQ yeeeeeehaw from a specific brother…those of us in the know never look forward to a mixture of dairy and that brother EVER!  And I mean EVER, people!!!  If you love me, you will hold the whipped cream on the pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving!)  Ok, back to the weight thing, to make my goal, I really only need to lose a pound or two or three by Thanksgiving day, very doable!)

So, tonight I am thawing pork chops and baking both brown rice and sweet potatoes.  I found a super awesome website with diet information and recipes.  The World’s Healthiest Foods looks to have stuff to keep me occupied for hours.   I also found a blog Clean Eating Machines that is full of yummy recipes – you should go take a peak.

Saturday: For dinner, we will have one of my favorites, Adobo Rubber Pork Tenderloin – YUMMY!!  (Although this is a slightly different recipe than I have linked to before – that link has gone dead on me – dead, I say! Darn the luck!)

I also plan to make Black Beans and Rice.  My rice will be brown – I haven’t eaten white rice for 3 years.  I am not into eating paste.

Black Beans and Rice  photo from

And I also will make Chickpea Soup that I found on Clean Eating Machines for eating throughout the next few days.

Monday’s dinner: Asian Noodle Bowls from Eat Clean Diet Recharged via Clean Eating Machines.

Photo from Clean Eating Machine

Tuesday:  The last thing I will make for my family these next couple days is Pasta with Chicken and Broccoli.

Photo from Clean Eating Machine

Wednesday will be left over day, cleaning up all the stuff in the fridge.

I gave up caffeine for good, I can also change my eating habits for the long haul.  I owe it to myself.  This week, I have eaten dinner out twice (Lonestar Steakhouse and Olive Garden) and also went out for apps with school staff today, deciding on fries dipped in ranch.  Great, huh?  If I could bottle up my stomach ache today, and carry it with me when I have a desire to eat junk food, I would make it a lot further.  The plus of eating out these three times is the fellowship of many different groups of friends.  These days, supportive friends who know what our family is going through are priceless!


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