My fun weekend

We were supposed to be at the farm but decided since JP and I were sporting pretty nasty colds, we wouldn’t go drag those germs down.  I was going to miss the bridal shower and some fun time spent with the in-laws, but germ + situation = bad, so opted to stay home.  Good thing since it snowed like crazy and the shower ended up cancelled anyway.  That drive home could have been interesting!

Because we stayed home, my aunt and uncle from Oregon were able to come spend the weekend, since they were in the area.  FUN!  Put my aunt and I together, and you get sweet rebellion, and that is rebellion in a good way.  We cooked, we ate, we shopped, we watched TV, it was success.

Friday night, we enjoyed our Pork Roast dinner, all 10 of us around the table together.  We don’t sit down and have dinner at the table all that often in our run run run lifestyle.   We served it over mashed potatoes with a side of corn.  I also made pumpkin bars and apple crisp that we munched on all weekend.  Warmed apple crisp for breakfast is yummy!    Ok, back to the business of Friday night.  Uncle Doug taught Crazy Man how to tie his tie!  Alright, more like Uncle Doug tied it and taught him how to loosen it and tighten it to get it on and off for future uses.  HANDSOME!!

20101112_214425_5930    20101112_214615_5935

Saturday, we enjoyed breakfast at Tiffany’s (Perkins, actually) and then did a little shopping.  I found a shrug and bracelet for my little black dress for the wedding and our upcoming cruise.  The shrugs were all hung really high.  What were we two shorty pants to do?  Where was Janell when we needed her?  We couldn’t find one of those trusty hookers either – you know, those things you use to reach the stuff they hang in ridiculous heights? So we improvised and got one – cant share the details.  See how short my aunt is?

20101114_095132_6004 Ok, truth is, I am sitting on 3 blankets in this picture – my uncle is actually really tall.

We came home to get started on our extraordinary dinner plans.  Auntie Joyce loves to cook old school,  and being the wiser girl I am these days, instead of watching, I took notes and learned some more tricks of the trade.  Every time they come, they make chicken wings for us!  YUMMY!  We did a little cheat this time and ran to BWW for sauces.  Joyce’s homemade sauces are better.  We also learned how to make her famous coleslaw. 

Auntie Joyce’s Famous Coleslaw

1.  Cheat and start with 2 bags of already bagged coleslaw mix


2.  Roast sliced almonds (we did slivered almonds)


3.  In a bowl, mix a couple scoops of mayo, a scoop or so of sugar, and a squirt of mustard (told ya, this is old school recipe stuff, no measuring)

20101113_175424_5957     20101113_175550_5959     20101113_175612_5960

4.  Notice that you don’t have any poppy seeds, call a neighbor, borrow hers, and add them to your mayo mixture…


5.  Sprinkle 2 handfuls of Craisins into the coleslaw mix


6.  Add the mayo mix to the coleslaw mix and taste.  Allow to sit and meld.

20101113_180727_5970     20101113_180927_5973

7.  Add the almonds just before serving.  YUM!!


Also, back to this thankfulness challenge. 

Nov 13th – Thankful for extended family.  Not just my brothers and their families, I am talking the fringes, like aunts and uncles, who care about my whole being.  Like the deep down parts of my being.  There is just no such things as too much love.

Nov 14th – I am thankful for window blinds.  I like my personal life to be personal.  I like walking around in my jammies at noon if I feel like it.  I like dancing with my kids once in a while.  I like leaving messes around the place if I don’t want to clean.  And I like that no one can see it all.  I also LOVE my top down blinds in my bedroom.  I can come out of my bathroom and get dressed without the hood seeing the horror.  (Thanks for this great thankfulness idea, facebook buddy!)


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