How a 10 year old boy sees the world a bit differently

Today was one of those semi-annual days when I venture into the boys’ bathroom.  Generally, keeping it “clean” is their job, and Dad keeps an eye on the issue.  A couple times a year, when company will be staying down in the boys’ rooms, I make sure a girl can use that bathroom without throwing up. 

To do this, I always ask whichever boy is on bathroom duty to please go pre-clean for me.  I know it will never be to my standard, but the closer the better.  I don’t find great joy in coming face to face with pee-laden toilets, or worse.  Since he is allowed to use power tools, and has shot a rifle now, I asked Crazy Man if he would please take the following items and do a smack down job for me:  Lysol all-purpose cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, Soap scum remover, mildew remover, and soft scrub.  Yep, pretty much everything in the toolbox.  It was the first time I allowed him to play with the risky stuff.  I gave him basic directions on usage and sent him on his way. 

Well, a few minutes later, I went down to check the laundry and heard the weirdest noise coming from the bathroom, so I went in to investigate.  What I found was his take on the chore.

He had also gathered up 2 of mom’s good bathroom wash clothes and 2 kitchen towels.  Oh, and also the squirt guns. 

20101112_112942_5919  Guess I forgot to remind him what bleach does to fabrics…

20101112_112955_5922How to rinse shower walls


Lysol water with 2 used-to-be-green washcloths


I caught him trying to use Bill’s mop to get the floors too. You know the kind of mop I am talking about – the kind janitors use to mop lunch rooms, complete with the trusty bucket on wheels with the cool wringer outer?  Don’t know why we own a set, but we do.

Hard to be mad, though.  He did a great job.  So thanks to his out of the box methods, it was a painless job for me this time.


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  1. Larisa
    Nov 14, 2010 @ 17:40:59

    That’s so awesome he did a great job in an inventive way!! Maybe I should send LJ over next AP cleans the bathroom to learn a few tricks so he can help clean our bathrooms. 🙂


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