Glorious Hitting of the Wall

It happened – once in a while, it does – and last night was that night for me.  I started our crazy Tuesday of after school running and kept running till all the running was done.  When all the running was done, I came home, hopped in a hot bubble bath and crashed.  Girls still awake, Bill still with the little drummer boy at Scouts, JP off with a friend, and I didn’t care.  I didn’t have it in me to care.  I crawled in bed.  I woke up at 6:00 this morning after 10+ hours of sleep.  Do the math, I will wait for you. 


-insert beautiful waiting room music –


I went to bed last night at 7:40.  Yah, you heard me right.  7:40 and it felt good.  James woke me up when he got home, Bill came in to talk to me because I must be sick or something, nope, just sick of being awake.  It was wonderful.

I also conducted the #2 experiment.  Nope, not what you are thinking or maybe even wishing I would talk about.   After eating so well for 6 days, I decided to see what would happen if I accidentally ate an entire #2 combo meal from the mecca of all that is healthy and right in this world.  Yeah, I ordered from a McDonalds drive through, and it began by going down way too easily.  Perfect Fries – almost too hot to grab, but not quite, and perfect salt factor.  (We have joked that at any one of our How family funerals, it would be perfectly respectable to serve McDonalds #2 meals since we all eat them in bulk.) Ahhhhhh…and there they sat in my stomach.  And seem to be still sitting.  I feel like I don’t have to eat again for at least another 24 hours.  And there we have a brilliant idea.  If you can leave a McDonalds cheeseburger on a counter for a couple months and it looks the same, what is it doing in my stomach?  I think my stomach is still trying to figure what to do – I picture a meeting of the head enzymes trying to develop any sort of new digestion plan they can come up with to rid my body of that poison.  Eat one meal every other day and remain full.  This would help so many people.  Marathon runners, hunters, race car drivers, scuba divers, surgeons, sailors, so many people can benefit from this.

And I missed 2 days of Thankfulness, not that I wasn’t thankful, I just didn’t add them to the blog.  I was too busy sleeping.

Nov 8 – I am thankful for the massive support system we have.  I haven’t even had to tap into our second line of defense since the first line has done it all for us these past couple weeks.  You people know who you are, and THANK-YOU!

Nov 9 – I am thankful for the ability to bathe in clean hot water.  Not even in our country is that a guarantee, and certainly not in the rest of the world.  Water is something we take for granted big time!!

And Nov 10 – I am thankful for a van transmission that only seems to be going out once a day.  It could be twice a day.  It could have clunked out on me already, but nope, just about once a day, I push the gas pedal and it chooses not to smoothly shift and accelerate, but only for a second or two and then it remembers what it is supposed to do.  At least we have time to get mentally prepared to plunk down massive money on a tranny,  it could have just called it a day and caught us off guard.  Nothing worse than a split second, total melt-down of the van mechanics. Ok, tons of things worse.  This is just stuff.  And we are ready, bring it!


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