Best mom moment (actually, the whole day) of the week (so far)

Every morning on the way to school, while my kids are trapped in my van and have nowhere to hide or run to, I give them a piece of my mind wrap-up of our expected day.  Well, today, I had to inform our lovely crazy little man that he would no longer be allowed to play after school until he had practiced piano for 15 minutes or until I said he was done.  I got a little carried away (laugh, go ahead, like you never have done this) and told him that he wouldn’t be allowed to drum in middle school next year if he didn’t get his butt in gear this year, and blah blah blah, and on and on I went (all empty threats of course, my pet peeve of the parenting world.)  We race into a parking spot, pushing time as always, and just as I finish my rant on victim #1,and oh was I on a roll, a sweet voice comes out of my precious daughter,  “Good-bye, mom, have a great day!  I love you!!”  Yeah, spot on, little lady.  It made me feel like a flea, or smaller!

Later today, I sat down to take a break from the rat race and eat a peaceful lunch with the 2nd shift lunch crew.  [Side note:  I do love my 2nd shift lunch crew so very much!]  And after I had eaten about 1/2 my lunch, I was beckoned to go garbage bag digging in the lunch room – you moms with tween/teens fear this call so much:  It appears as though Curly’s retainer has found a new home in the trash.  Could it be corndog day?  Nope.  Ham and cheese on a bun day?  Nope.  Try spaghetti day.  DING DING DING!!  I walk in to Curly and the best lunch lady ever, donning plastic gloves, digging through bag after bag of spaghetti garbage looking for that blasted pink glow-in-the-dark retainer.  They really need to put GPS systems on those things in this day and age.  We never found it.  Timing is ok though, she gets her braces on Monday.  Good thing JP has moved onto playing Christmas songs on his trumpet every morning – I don’t think “On Top of Spaghetti” would go over very well these days.

After school (and piano practice, of course) my kids dispersed to friends’ houses to play.  Well, ok, not quite accurate.  The girls’ friend came over to see if the girls could play, and of course they could, so off runs Curly with the friend, but Princess Pieper has been left behind, only by her doing, no one had her pinned down by the hair or anything.  She slowly walks by me with one of those “trying not to cry” looks on her face.  “Oh, man, this is two days in a row,” I think to myself. (Yesterday, we had major tears over non-locatable ballet slippers.)  So I said, “Girl, what is going on?”  And she melts into my arms, going on and on about friends having other friends and she not having any friends anymore and how so-and-so is hanging out with so-and-so and so-and-so and she doesn’t want to hang out with the so-and-so group because they are the mean girls who get in trouble and thus she is losing her original so-and-so.  And I just wrap her in my arms and tell her the truth:  the next few years will suck because nothing AND I MEAN NOTHING is worse than middle school girls, their ugly attitudes, and their non-stop mouths.  What more can I say, “Don’t worry, you still have me, your biggest fan!”  or some load of crap like that?  Although I did tell her she was making great choices and I love who she is becoming – I am sure she would have rather I said, “let’s go beat the crap out of those girls!!” but I know better than to offer a hormonal girl that option.  Violence is never the answer, violence is never the answer, violence is never the answer.  Repeat with me.

Oh, the next few years will be so fun!  Start praying for me now.  And never cease.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Larisa
    Nov 10, 2010 @ 18:25:13

    Sounds like a fun day!!! LJ was excited for spaghetti day today, sorry to hear Curly lost her retainer, good timing w/the braces coming up soon though. Hope you guys have a good weekend and enjoy a few days off from school. If you’re bored tomorrow night, come run w/me!! 🙂


    • debpieper
      Nov 11, 2010 @ 08:38:59

      Run? Are you nuts? I have a sore throat and a very dirty house – company coming, going to be running around here cleaning like a mad woman!


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