Let’s talk exercise

I just cant seem to get back in the groove.  As I have said many many times, I am an all or nothing kind of girl.  About a month ago, we got sick of the 30-day shred, mostly because we had done it for 90 days and we felt we were ready for something more.  So I guess we decided our more would be nothing.  Go figure.  We have our elliptical and the weather has for the most part been great for fall runs, but both have gone undone for a few weeks.  Sure, a valid point for the outside stuff is the fact that it gets dark early and stays dark late, and the time change this weekend won’t help. (And who doesn’t love coming home from work in the dark?)  But we have electricity and those stupid new light bulbs that we hate in our basement so the elliptical is an option at any point. 

I need a reason to drag my butt out of bed at 6:00 AM (or earlier) to accomplish this task.  Right now, I also need the sleep.  I could go to bed earlier on a regular basis, but as I have also stated many times, I am a late-night, sleeping-in girl and the forced time table of life’s daily schedule already is VERY hard for me.  I could exercise at night, but it just aint gonna happen on a regular basis.  I am too tired – not sleepy kind of tired – but the worn out, not moving kind of tired.

Give me some ideas, some inspiration, some something.  I don’t want to jiggle.  But that alone is not enough for me to not hit snooze.


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