Day two of Eating Clean Cooler 1.  I did very well today except for a cheat this afternoon at a Resource Room gathering at school.


Oatmeal w/flaxseed, one egg white

Mid-morning snack:

Chicken breast, 1/2 apple


Small portion chicken breast, yams

Afternoon snack:

Small portion of taco dip (NOT good for me, but oh so yummy!!) with a few chips

1 Oatmeal cookie (she baked, I must encourage that!!)

apples with small amount of caramel dip


Steamed broccoli, 2 scrambled egg whites

Water:  at this point, I have 5 16-oz glasses down the hatch, 80 oz, but I will get at least one more down.  That goal of a gallon sure does elude me. 

So, not all that bad minus some of the goodies that co-workers and friends brought in for a much needed support meeting.  Sometimes life gets to be too much to handle without friends and today, I was in the company of those people, so I enjoyed it.

Thanks for all the tuna ideas – I will let you know how they turn out.  Smile

It is going to be hard for my little man to shoot a deer since his dad left the ammo case in our garage.  Smile  Good thing there is Reed’s in Walker and some uncles who can serve as bullet back-up.  Thanks, Grandpa, for exposing JP to hunting and providing a great experience!  (Bill goes along too, but doesn’t spend the $150 for the license.  He said he can sleep in a tree for free, so now the only thing he shoots with is our camera.)


I am just so happy to have a weekend at home when I can collect my thoughts, work on some to-do lists for my family, and also check some things off the extended family to-do list.  I plan to start Christmas baking so I can bring some to the farm freezer for the upcoming season, cook some things for the following week, and do a lot of cleaning (and I mean a lot!!)  I also plan to sleep, lounge around, and do a lot of NOTHING.  How about a little Christmas shopping thrown in there too?  It is a possibility!  I love Christmas.

And I love my country as much as Raj does! 

LOVE this show

 Nov 5: I am thankful for mindless TV for evenings like this one.  My favorites right now:  Big Bang Theory, What Not to Wear, and Cake Boss.


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