30 days of Thanksgiving and then some…

Missed a few days, catching up:

Nov 1 – I am thankful for God’s provisions for my family.  We need nothing.

Nov 2 –  I am thankful that the “w” key on my keyboard works most of the time, and always if I pound it hard enough.

Nov 3 – I am thankful for many TV choices for those nights (ahem…) when I am sick of political chat.

Eating Clean strict-like starts tomorrow for both adults in the house.  We are doing cooler #1 for about a week.  We chose cooler 1 because we need to break through the weight plateau we are each stuck at.  Here are some great tools for ya if you care to join in.  I will let you know how this goes.  I am back on the scale, made it almost a month (remember, I had to cheat last week for a good reason.) I am hoping to drop 4.5 lbs this month.  Should be easy to do if I am careful with what I eat. 

If you want to do the easier year-round plan, check out this Check-list for the grocery run.  If you are serious, get the books.  Gonna do this!

Quote of the day: “click to enlarge”


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