Life as I see it today

I blog today from our van, on the road home with no kids, just our dog, and she is the queen of the seats – loving every minute of it. She loves the farm but boy is she happy to go home. She is a baby – she loves her carpet, heat, and availability of a queen mattress for stretching out on. Most likely, her most exciting moment at the farm this weekend came on a walk with Bill, me, and Maggie the farm dog. She ran ahead and stopped on a dime when HARK!! A woodchuck hole!!! Oh the joy of the find. Bill is telling me all about the time he flushed a woodchuck out of a tunnel system with gallon after gallon of water and then once the mad woodchuck came out, Bill played whack-a-mole with a 2X4. That is ultimate boy fun! Thank goodness, this guy decided we weren’t worth coming out to greet.

It was a caravan weekend. Our extended family gallivanted all over together. When we all go somewhere as a crowd, we are quite a spectacle. One whole day was spent in Amish country where I got to order my very first pieces of Amish furniture. To see their beautiful craftsmanship and quality work is amazing – what skills! Hanging out with genuine caring people who keep life in perspective makes me think I could enjoy being Amish – but then I really needed to go to the bathroom and I have an aversion to those “non-electric toilets” (Curly’s term) so I guess I better stay a main-stream American, plugged into Facebook, my DVR, and my indoor plumbing. Still, I decided I could let a little of my electronic time go so I can revisit quilting. Maybe for real, but with a sewing machine, not by hand – again, amazed.

So back to the furniture – I decided we are grown up now and can have a coffee table. We used to have one but the trio was using it as a launch pad and we decided for the prevention of ER visits and permanent scaring, we needed to let it go for a while. Today, a coffee table; someday, a car.

My stomach is not handling all this good food very well. I have been forced to eat delicious foods and desserts until I was literally in my sweatpants, curled up in a ball in the rocking chair. As much as I love the tastes of these foods, I guess my days of eating everyone’s awesome baked goods and hot dishes are over. Bring on the yogurt, granola, rice, fruits, and veggies. Goodbye, Dairy Queen ice cream cake, brownies, monkey bread, cookies, cakes, and skotcheroos. It has been a fun 12 days.

Vikings – what the heck? I just don’t even know what to say about this Moss/no Moss thing. I understand we got the lazy, mouthy Moss, and he decided to not actually play, but gone so soon? Before we saw even one Favre to Moss long bomb? Some people have jerseys to sell on e-bay already.

Tonight promises to be exciting in our home – political junkies that we are. We will enjoy watching the returns and commentary. So watching the prop 19 in California – smoking weed for recreation, legal or not? Really? You can’t legislate stupid. Hope that doesn’t offend any dope smokers out there, you can have my share of the brownies.

Ok, I need to nap.  Back later.


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