I declare before God and these witnesses that I will be a winner on 1-1-11.  I will make it through Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas still successful at my goals. 

1.  I will eat healthy.  I will not gorge on snack-size Kit Kats during trick-or-treat season.  I will not eat 4 slices of chocolate pie on Thanksgiving.  I will not eat all my Christmas baking requiring me to bake more to replace the first stash.  I will instead find healthy snacks I enjoy to tote around with me.    Or maybe get some major dental work done right before Christmas – did that twice and it really cuts down on the junk food enjoyment factor.  WINNER!!

2.  I will not out-spend my budget.  Part of my gift to my friends, family, and co-workers will be your knowing that I did NOT accrue debt to finance gifts I could not afford.  I will give gifts from the heart.  Gifts of time.  Thoughtful gifts.  And if you want to throw them away or re-gift them, go for it, at least they wont still be sitting on a MasterCard somewhere.  WINNER!!

3.  I will not allow myself to be so busy that I don’t enjoy the Holidays.  By Holidays, I mean Thanksgiving, when I spend a weekend with my side of our family celebrating the blessings of our lives and shop black Friday sales; Christmas when we gather at the farm to celebrate the birth of Jesus, not Santa, not stuffitis but the birth of our Savior; and New Years when we gather to celebrate with my side, and also to shop Target’s 75% off sale.  WINNER!!

4.  I will continue to move during this busy time of year.  I will not give in to the my-butt-is-melted-into-this-recliner mentality. I will pack tennis shoes and a sports bra and go at it.  If that means playing in the snow instead of washing all the china, I will do it.  If that means taking a walk after Thanksgiving dinner instead of watching the pathetic Lions play a game of who-cares-who-wins-now-that-I –don’t-have-a-ff-team football, I will.  I will get up early for my black Friday sprint to the sale rack.  I will sit in Missi’s hot tub…oh wait…that doesn’t fit in here. Maybe I will start by chasing little trick-or-treaters down the street after dark. 

Come January 1st, 2011, I will declare myself a winner – WON WON WON WON on 1-1-11.  Join the fun.


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