Why I haven’t gotten my tat yet

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions…why?  I never keep them anyway.  If I need to change something (which I don’t because I am perfect to begin with) I simply change.  I don’t need someone to tell me a good day to start or stop something.  Instead, this year, I made New Year’s goals.  Dumb mistake.  Haven’t made good on them either.

My goals are:

1.  To get my ears double pierced. 

Bill got me beautiful diamond studs just after James was born and back in the days of sweatpants and baggy t’s, they were all I wore.  Now I am all hip and happenin’ and I kinda like the danglers out there, so my studs just sit in the jewelry box. (I really don’t actually have a jewelry box, so they sit in the tea-light candle holder I also store my rings in when I am not wearing them.)  I want to wear the studs AND the danglers.  But it hurts to get ear’s pierced and I am not a fan of pain for no reason.

2.  To get a tattoo.

Said best in one of my favorite movies.  Basically, I am a chicken. I don’t think they will put me under or give me that awesome dentist gas just so I can get a tat.  Therefore, I may remain total Caucasian, the way God made me.  No color.  Upper Midwest glow-in-the-dark white. 

I think I can accomplish both of these things if I have a surgery scheduled and can bring in a tat man and a Claire’s employee to get these things done.  Otherwise, I am just going to be another 2010 failure.


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  1. debpieper
    Oct 26, 2010 @ 21:48:44

    What does this post have to do with Gay-ness? The possibly related posts are to gay-related blog entries – what is the common thread?


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